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New Zealand Post

The New Zealand Post has been the top and most trusted postal service since its debut in 1830. For 170 years, this postal carrier has been the number one provider of a variety of shipping services. In earlier years, they rendered more traditional styles of mail deliveries from their postal center to the homes of nearby citizens. As their name became more well-known throughout the community, their services began to spread and branch out to other locations within New Zealand. After a run with competition that left them on the successful side, New Zealand Post is now owner and operator of their own airline service that delivers efficient and affordable shipping from their own set of air fleet. As of 2017, they had acquired many of the top industries in the world including takeaway, meal delivery options, and pharmaceuticals.

With all the hard work throughout the years, New Zealand Post is now one of the most efficient and well-running logistics solutions companies providing services for businesses and customers in New Zealand and around the world. This title comes with several exciting and unique options you can only get with New Zealand Post and promises for future advancements that keep them on the roll when it comes to advancing technology and services.

New Zealand shipping options

New Zealand Post has been the front-runner in the traditional mail delivery for many years now, so it should come of no surprise that their normal everyday mail services are at the top of the game. Anything that you can think of, from a change in your address all the way to tracking your letters and smaller-scale packages, is available on site.

There is also a user-friendly business section that shows just how highly customizable services with New Zealand Post can be. Enter the business page and fill out the fast and simple questionnaire. You will then be met with a quick analysis and suggestion for the type of business solution that will suit you the best based on the company’s knowledge and experience in different fields. You can have your entire business plan set out and managed for you by an expert in logistics no matter what your project is and where in the world you may be shipping. When shipping cargo, especially that of high importance, the whereabouts of your mail, parcels, and large shipments are important. This is why the New Zealand post tracking system has continued to improve over the years to provide you with the most accurate location of your package no matter on which edge of the earth it may be.

New Zealand post tracking

New Zealand Post puts all control into your hands when it comes to tracking your package. Using only the most up to date advances in technology, you can now do just about anything, all from the convenience of your home or mobile device. They want your experience with the smallest letters up to the largest cargo shipments to be highly customizable at every step. Among the powers you have are:

  • parcel leave – which puts the power in your hands when it comes to your packages as you can select the delivery without sign-in;
  • redirect – as long as your package hasn’t left on its journey, you can select to redirect it by using only your mobile device;
  • collect – if delivery to your home is just not an option to fit your busy schedule, you can select the option to pick up your parcel at one of more than 300 locations.

On top of these options, the site offers New Zealand Post parcel tracking to keep you from panicking when it comes to collecting your order. Tracking is done with a unique New Zealand Post tracking number that stays with your package from the initial order registration to the final delivery point. As your packages move along and change hands and transport, this number is scanned and uploaded into a database that keeps the exact location of your package. This information is then relayed to you. It may sound complicated but to start tracking, simply visit the New Zealand Post website and choose the option for ‘tracking.’ Here you will be prompted to enter the same unique number that is associated with your package. Then click ‘enter’ for the latest location of your package. You can find this 12-digit code on your package easily as it is usually bolded for added ease. If you happen to lose track of your unique code, you can easily look it up by consulting the customer service page and selecting ‘find my tracking code’. Sometimes numbers and information can be a bit difficult to keep up with. While these tracking services may be great for domestic deliveries and the countries which New Zealand Post holds shipping centers outside of their zone, they fall short when it comes to providing the most accurate location.

New Zealand post international tracking and

New Zealand Post knows what they’re doing when it comes to packaging and logistics solutions, and while they may be experts in this aspect, they’re not the best when it comes to tracking. This is where can help. allows you to track your packages worldwide, all from your PC or mobile device. This global track and trace resource has partnered with several of the top couriers over the years and has more accurate location technology that ever before. They use only the top technology when it comes to tracking and are connected all around the world to provide the most accurate location, even in the most remote areas.

Though you may think it’s complicated or comes with extra numbers and codes, to start tracking your packages with, simply visit the main web page and create an account. This can be done with your email, your Facebook account, or your Google account. After creating an account, you simply input your New Zealand post tracking code, the same one given to you upon order completion, and you can start to track your package from your home screen. You are always given a real-time and pinpoint location of your package and shipments.

For some of the medium-sized to large-scale businesses out there, offers you the option to track all of your orders in one convenient and easy-to-reach place. Simply follow the same instructions, each time only changing the unique codes for each package you wish to track. This puts businesses in control and makes shipping supervision easy with all the most current and relevant location information for all your packages in the same place. You can choose to receive these updates via notifications sent to your mobile phone or email. Choose when to get notified and indicate whether you only want to know when it arrives all the way down to every last little detail. Here, you can customize the notifications you receive.

When it comes to logistics solutions and mailings in New Zealand and around the globe, New Zealand Post is the best out there; so why not take the guesswork out of delivery and shipping with the help of the power duo of New Zealand Post and