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Royal Mail is one of the oldest postal services in the world, taking care for the mail and parcel delivery across the UK for over 500 years. It started as a system for distributing royal and governmental documents and then spread out to cater for the postal delivery needs of the entire UK population. Its primary focus is on premium-class next-day deliveries.

How to Track a Royal Mail Parcel?

Timely and safe delivery is an essential quality for Royal Mail. When looking for parcel tracking UK, you’ll find it to be as simple as visiting the Royal Mail home page and entering the reference number. From here, simply click ‘Track your Delivery’ on the right-hand side of the page, and the latest location information will appear on the screen. You will be provided with the location, date and time of the last known location, using this as an estimation to package in hand.

Another option is to use the comprehensive tracking service at Here, you can find your Royal Mail package in seconds after a quick registration. also offers a comfortable notification system sending you alerts on all your packages in progress.

What does Royal Mail tracking number look like?

A Royal Mail tracking code is usually placed on the receipt or sent via email for convenience. The Royal Mail tracking number format typically contains 13 digits long with a combination of letters and numbers KS097820955GB. It is generally clearly highlighted or bolded to stand out among any other numbers to avoid confusion. It is also usually distinctly labeled on both the receipt and email, all to avoid any confusion and allow you to track the shipment in seconds.

How do I track a sent letter?

Tracking works the same way when sending a letter. The receipt or confirmation email will come with the Royal Mail tracking number bolded at the time of confirmation of purchase. It can be tracked similarly, by visiting the home page, entering the number, and clicking ‘Track your Delivery.’ You’ll be given the same detailed location, estimated delivery date, and time information for parcels.

Is Royal Mail 1st Class tracked?

Holding the status of the 1st class mail with premium-level service, the Royal Mail tracking service ensures end-to-end tracking and confirms the parcel’s pickup by the recipient with a personal signature. Generally, it comes backed by a next-day delivery guarantee and insurance up to $50 in the event that the package is lost or damaged. If for any reason, the mail can’t be delivered within the next day, Royal Mail offers compensation that can be claimed online.

Can we track a package without a tracking number?

Unfortunately, no. This number serves as the package’s ID and is used to identify its location at every step. It is very important to locate that identification number, either in the email or on the receipt. Without the tracking ID, you will need to contact customer care for further instructions on how to find your UK mail tracking number.

Tracking Statuses

Clients sometimes experience confusion when they see the status of their shipment. Let’s take it out and improve your understanding of what your tracking status means.



Accepted at Post Office

Information about the package has been received, but it has not yet made it there.

Sender preparing item

At this point, the package is in the delivery process and can now be tracked as it makes its journey to its destination.

Item received at

When the shipment reaches a certain point within its transition, a message will be sent with location, time, and date all included.

Internal exception occurred

A problem has occurred with the system, and you will need to try back again at a later time.

Item Dispatched to Royal Mail site

In the event that an attempted delivery was made, a ‘Something for You’ note will be left at the door where the receiver can visit a Royal Mail location and pick it up.

Incorrectly addressed. Returned to sender.

If the address is unacceptable or cannot be reached, the package will be sent back.

In transit

Your item is making its way to its destination. Your item is considered in transit throughout its entire journey.


Received by the Post Office but still undergoing the stages of proper delivery.

Ready for delivery

The package is all checked out and ready for shipment; usually, it will take off the same day or the next day.

Delivery Attempted

You will receive this message if a delivery attempt was made and no one was there to receive it.

Item Leaving the UK

For international shipments, this status will be shown as the package leaves the UK soil.

Your item was delivered to your requested SafePlace

Usually, this one is chosen by you and it is left here if you were unavailable to retrieve at the time of delivery.

Proof of delivery is not available

This status means one of two things:

1. No signature was needed

2. The receiver signed a delivery card. These are usually updated within 72 hours from the date of delivery.

Retention Item

In the event that businesses are closed, the package will be retained until the next business day.

We could not retrieve your details

You will see this if the system is experiencing difficulties. You’ll need to try back again later.


The package is safe and sound in the hands of the receiver.

How to Send a Parcel via Royal Mail

First of all, it depends on what you’re sending. All of the detailed information can be found online for specifics. Different options are available, depending on weight, contents, and, of course, the destination to which the package will be going. Once you know this information, Royal Mail will provide detailed information about packaging and stamps needed for successful sending.

After knowing all the details, you can simply print out all the shipping labels from home or send the item from the closest and most convenient Royal Mail location nearest you.

How Long does Royal Mail Tracked Take?

Mail Tracked 48 and 24 can be bought online, and the Royal Mail tracking code can be printed on-site or added to your item. Delivery generally takes two to three business days. If it is international, delivery times vary. It comes backed by compensation in the event that something should happen along the way.

How Long does Royal Mail 1st Class Take

It is the goal of Royal Mail to have all 1st class deliveries at their location by the next working day. If the letter or package is not delivered within the suggested time, Royal Mail offers compensation that can be claimed online.

What is Royal Mail Special Delivery

Special Delivery is an option available for Royal Mail business accounts. With the UK mail delivery tracker, the package is tracked from start to finish. Apart from this, senders can rest assured that there is a signature on delivery along with email or SMS verification. Apart from this, next-day delivery is guaranteed by the next working day, coming with a money-back guarantee when not completed. Use this option for extra-special and vital packages that you want to keep a close eye on.

What Size is a Small Parcel Royal Mail?

The size of the small parcel is now deeper than the original. Its dimensions are 350 X 250 X 160mm. It has given the ability to send items like shoes and clothing, as they were once considered medium-sized, but due to high demand and frequency, the small parcel box now is bigger and better, fitting the traditional small- to medium-sized items.

What time does Royal Mail deliver

There are deliveries every day coming from Royal Mail. They go on from the beginning of the business day (9 a.m.) all the way to 3 p.m. in the city. An extra hour is given for deliveries to the outskirts, with the delivery day ending at 4 p.m.

How to Find Royal Mail Lost Packages or Missing Mail

The first thing you will need is the Royal Mail tracking code given at the time of purchase. With this number, first attempt to track your shipment on the Royal Mail home page, entering the ID to find the last known location and status of the package. If there is confusion or if you believe that your package was lost in transit, you will need to contact customer care. Options vary depending on the method originally used to ship it.

How to contact Royal Mail?

There are a few ways to contact Royal Mail, making it convenient in the event of a question or concern.

  • Email: You can send an email directly from the home page, selecting your reason for contact and filling in the form. You will generally get a response within 24 hours.
  • Phone: Calling 03457 740 740 will get you in direct contact with an agent within business hours. There are costs involved, which all depend on the phone provider you are using.
  • In Person: Step into your local Royal Mail Post Office during regular business hours for any immediate questions or concerns.