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Turkey Post (PTT) http://www.ptt.gov.tr
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    4 days
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Turkey Post is a leading state-owned postal corporation in Turkey, providing mail and parcel delivery services. It was launched in 1840 to offer postal services to the Turkish residents. Turkey Post is a reliable corporation with years of experience in delivering the best services with professionalism and high ethical standards.

Its core functions include postal services, telegraph, and sale of stamps. The services cover both the domestic and international market. Banking services such as money transfer, bill collections, payments, and insurance covers form part of the company. It also offers transport and logistics services such as packaging, freight transportation, warehousing, tracking cargo, among other specialized services.

Tracking services enhances efficient deliveries and encourages accountability and transparency. Courier companies must operate with integrity to ensure excellent handling of goods and timely parcel deliveries.

How Turkey Post tracking works

Turkey Post tracking system enables customers to know the exact location and condition of parcels and the expected date of arrival. The service is accessible on the company website for free on the ‘track shipments’ page.

You need a tracking code to retrieve the parcel status from the system. The shippers assign each package a number known as Turkey Post tracking number using a bar code scanner. It is a code, with 13 symbols, that uniquely identifies each parcel. No two packages can have the same code unless it falls under the same consignment. The sender notifies the recipient about the code immediately after receiving the payment receipt. After around 3-5 days, the parcel status integrates into the system, and the recipient can successfully track a package with ease. You can activate the auto-track option to receive regular alerts on your email or mobile phone whenever the status of the parcel changes.

Monitor your package anywhere regardless of time and location. Turkey Post tracking service ensures that you are in the loop during each shipping stage. It reduces the risk of parcel loss or scams from unscrupulous business traders who claim forge shipment documents.

Turkey Post International Tracking

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