Track the parcel Australia Post

Track the parcel Australia Post
Australia Post
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Australia Post

Australia Post is the state post of Australia. The postal service was organized in 1809 and for more than 200 years has been providing postal correspondence both inside and outside Australia. The postal organization has over 10 million postal addresses connected to 4500 post offices. Australian Post daily serves more than 1000000 customers.

Australia Post Services Provided

The main services of the Post of Australia are postal services, as well as retail services, and international logistics assistance. In addition to the usual postal delivery, Australian Post provides express mail and courier delivery services. Australia is one of the member countries of EMS and the designated operator for delivering EMS shipments.
Mail Australia collects and handles mailings sent both through Australia and abroad. It also offers services for the delivery of business correspondence and registered letters. Although postal services regarded as the priority areas of Australian Post, it has expanded its activities into other functions, including management of supply chain, business process integration, and agency services.
In Australia Post offices few retail outlets are opened, offering various items with the corporate logo on them – for example, bags and collectibles.

Additional options

Australia Post provides additional helpful options. Among them are:
* possibility to redirect the Australia Post package by changing the delivery address;
* while ordering Australia Post courier delivery, you can choose the exact place and time of order shipment, whichever are suitable for you;
* free option of Australian Post parcel reservation 24/7, allowing you to get packages from reliable temporary storage lockers at railway stations, supermarkets, gas stations and others;
* use a personal mailbox for Australian Post delivery.

How to Track Package of Australia Post

Delivery tracking takes place on the Australia Post tracking website, where you can use both English and Russian versions. For regular users it is highly recommended to register on the website. Thus, in your personal account will be stored tracking numbers of few deliveries at once. In case of changing Australia Post order status, the customer will be notified immediately.
Australia Post parcel tracking is made in one click. You must insert the tracking number in the appropriate box, after which you’ll find out the status and location of your order.

Australia Post Tracking Number

For the online checking, only Australia Post tracking id is required. This is the identification number assigned to each parcel. Australia Post tracking number can be searched in the sales receipt or reported by the seller.

Australia Post International Tracking

For international shipments, use the services of the Australia Post, in order to find the location of your parcel even after its crossing the border. Its current location is easily checked via mobile app or the website.

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