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DPD UK Tracking: Your Parcel Service Guide

Tracking packages is a truly useful instrument for those wanting to send a package to anywhere in the UK or the rest of the world; eventually, if a shipment is precious, urgent or takes a certain time, you're going to want to know its location and quite rightfully so!

Today, DPD UK is a business owned and managed by the company GeoPost, a global parcel service. Operating over 830 depots in more than forty plus countries, it is one of the leading parcel shipping services in all of Europe.

Joining their wide network in the United Kingdom with their unrivaled onshore service throughout Europe and the Air Express range worldwide, the DPD UK is fully equipped to fulfill all express distribution and logistic demands for your packages.

At DPD UK we have around 8,000 staff and more than 3,500 vehicles in service. Within DPD UK we service about 6,500 clients in more than 50 locations.

Read more information about the service company to decide if you would like to take it on.

How do I track my package?

To track your parcel, you must first enter your tracking number in the box on Pkge.net and click on "Track Parcel". This will give you all the details of your parcel from location to arrival time.

And the DPD service or app will also allow you to redirect your parcels and record your delivery preferences.

Alternative way to find a parcel

If you don't know your order number, you can find it in your booking confirmation email.

In case of accidental deletion of the e-mail or its loss, you can find the tracking number in your DPD UK Local Online account by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your DPD UK Local account (or register if you haven't done so already).
  2. Go to the "My Orders" tab.
  3. Find your DPD UK control number listed next to your order, such as 'DPD12345678'.

Check this number in the confirmation message of each order you received.

What is the DPD UK tracking number format?

If you would like to locate your DPD UK parcel, you can always use the 'Track & Trace' function. Use the 14-digit number of your parcel to do this.

The DPD UK tracking Number format is typically made up of figures. While there are four types of frequently utilized DPD UK tracking number sizes, by far the most common tracking number type is made up of 12 digits, for example, 000 486 000 395. However, it can also be made up of 10-14 digits or 14 numeric digits plus a character at the bottom.

Each tracking number's initial four or five digits identify the service code. Those digits indicate which postal service you use to ship that particular item.

In case you can't find your parcel, the sender of your parcel may not have enabled the DPD UK service. If this happens, ask the sender for the parcel number. Afterwards you can get information about your parcel in various ways from the parcel number on the parcel pickup page of dpd.uk.

Each tracking number is unique and must match the one you received in your confirmation email. If it doesn't show up in the search, it's a fake number. The courier date turned out to be earlier than when you placed the order. USPS scammers can use real tracking numbers.

Where can I find myDPD UK tracking number?

The tracking information can be located on the package package label when printed out. Alternatively, you can use the DPD UK track number that appears in your order acknowledgment email. Track your parcel by using either your shipment tracking number or DPD UK tracking number on our packages tracking web page.

DPD UK Tracking Statuses

Parcel statuses vary depending on the shipping company or postal service. Many companies have a page on their website where they explain what statuses they use.

You can easily check the status of your parcel using our tracking form.

Status options are listed in the table below:

Status Description
Package information received We got your order info, and we're expecting your package soon; We got your order info, but we haven't received your package yet
Parcel accepted We've received your parcel, it is on its way to our warehouse
Package on the way Your package is on the way
In transit Has arrived at destination; your shipment has arrived at our storage facility; your package is in our warehouse
Being exported from the origin country Your package has left the UK
Clearance completed Your parcel is cleared
Arrived at destination Here is your parcel
Parcel left the office for delivery Your package is on the delivery vehicle; Your package will be at your door today
Parcel was delivered Your parcel was delivered

Whether you want to track a DPD UK package and understand properly the location of your package sent by email, it is now even simpler.

What happens if I miss myDPD UK delivery?

The driver makes one delivery attempt. Are you not at home? The driver will try to deliver your package to your neighbor or a Pickup location to get it to you as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days later.

Not everyone gets along with their neighbors, so if you'd like to report a preferred neighbor or safe place in your home, enter your reference number here and see your options.

But there are also options to reschedule your delivery.

You can change your delivery date, arrange to leave your package safely at your delivery address, have it delivered to a neighbor, or drop it off at your local store. Enter your control number here for your choice.

Can the driver come back?

The driver will not be able to return to you right away but you can change your delivery date and arrange with him or her again.

When picking up your package at the Pickup Department you need to bring 2 pieces of identification with you:

  • photo ID;
  • a document with your address on it (utility bill).

Then, as usual, you enter or call your pickup control number.

How long does DPD UK take to deliver?

DPD UK is the most innovative parcel carrier.

It takes 1-2 working days for a UK delivery service and just 2-4 working days for international destinations.

You can pick up your parcel between 8am and 6pm (sometimes delivery is earlier or later depending on circumstances).

DPD UK delivery times depend on your region and address type. For residential addresses the delivery time is 7am to 10pm and for business addresses the delivery time is 9am to 6pm. If you are late with delivery, DPD UK will attempt to deliver your parcel to a local collection point.

Additional delivery services

The sender or seller is responsible for a refund or sending a new parcel. If you are the sender and need to file a claim for lost or delayed delivery.

But DPD UK continually invests in technology to provide the best possible delivery experience.

Other services you can use include:

  • Search for services in the UK.

Use our postcode search and check what services are offered in your postcode.

  • Predict & Follow My Parcel.

DPD will give your customers a one hour delivery window so they don't have to wait all day for their parcel.

  • DPD Pickup.

Customers can collect their parcel from one of over 6,000 DPD Pickup points across the UK.

You can also find out more about these services on the official website.

What is DPD UK Tracking in the United Kingdom as a service?

DPD or Dynamic Parcel Distribution is a company focused on providing flexible and convenient services to its customers.

DPD is one of Europe's leading parcel delivery groups and is wholly owned by France's La Poste, the second-largest postal group in Europe. It is a favorite parcel delivery company in the UK, providing innovative, high-quality, and time-sensitive solutions.

As a recipient, myDPD gives you full control over your parcels delivered by DPD UK. MyDPD is a portal where you can track all DPD parcels up to your front door with Live Tracking. With myDPD you can even change your delivery terms 30 minutes before the parcel arrives! Sign up for myDPD to use all the features.

DPD UK provides domestic and international indefinite delivery services in the UK. Major UK delivery options include:

  • DPD UK 10:00 A.M;
  • DPD UK noon;
  • DPD UK Next Day;
  • DPD UK Two Day.

DPD UK Next Day delivery to most UK destinations before the close of business the next working day.

DPD UK Contacts Information

If you have not received your parcel or have any questions, please contact Customer Services. Your enquiry will be resolved as soon as possible.

The company uses several methods of communication which will be available to you. Choose the best way to communicate with DPD UK:

  • In-app chat.

This is the fastest way to get in touch with DPD UK. If you need to talk about delivery, app users get VIP service, 24/7 chat and get to the front of the queue when they call directly from the app.


You can always chat with the customer service team via Whatsapp. Please have your parcel number and postcode handy if possible.

Chat communication.

Chat with the customer service team about your delivery 24/7. Simply enter your parcel number and delivery postcode to get started.

Phone call.

If you want to speak to someone at the DPD UK headquarters you have to contact the customer service line. Call the phone number to speak directly to a DPD UK consultant - 0121 275 0500. But be aware of the following opening times:

Mon-Fri: 8am-6:30pm Sat: 8am-4pm

Sun: 9am-3pm.

You don't have to enter a parcel number or go through endless lists of directories before you can talk to a real person.

After the conversation you can ask to be transferred to the relevant DPD UK employee or department. This could be complaints, billing, sales, IT, marketing, recruitment or any other department.

The main office of DPDgroup UK Ltd is located at Roebuck Lane (Smethwick)B66 1BY.

What are the differences between DPD UK and DPD?

DPDgroup operates mainly in Europe, with a direct presence in 22 countries.

Services are provided in Europe, Brazil and some other countries either directly or through partnerships.

As one of Europe's leading parcel groups, DPD UK is also the UK's favorite parcel delivery company, providing innovative, high-quality and time-sensitive solutions.

With the Parcels app you can easily find the exact location of your parcels or packages delivered by DPD UK.