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Gati KWE is a leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider in India, known for its efficient and reliable services. Founded in 1989, Gati KWE has grown into a major multinational company, offering a wide range of services including parcel delivery, freight transport, and supply chain solutions.

Where is Gati KWE from?

Gati KWE is an Indian company, headquartered in Hyderabad. It has a strong presence across India, with hundreds of offices and thousands of employees. The company also operates internationally, providing global logistics solutions.

Gati KWE Tracking

Tracking Gati KWE shipments is easy and can be done through various methods including the official Gati KWE website, the official mobile app, and third-party platforms like PKGE.

Via the Official Gati KWE website

To track your shipment on the Gati KWE website, enter your tracking number in the tracking section on their homepage. The system will display the current status and location of your shipment.

Via the Official Mobile App

The Gati KWE mobile app allows for convenient tracking on the go. Simply download the app, enter your tracking number, and receive real-time updates on your shipment.


For a more comprehensive tracking experience, use PKGE to track your Gati KWE shipment. PKGE provides detailed information, making your Gati KWE shipment tracking easy.

How long does it take for Gati to deliver?

Gati delivery times vary based on the destination and service chosen. Domestic deliveries typically take 4-6 days, while international deliveries can take 7-12 days. Express services offer faster delivery times.

Does Gati deliver on Sunday?

Gati KWE does not usually handle deliveries on Sundays. However, premium services may offer Sunday deliveries for an additional fee.

What are Gati KWE shipping costs?

Gati KWE's shipping costs depend on the weight, destination, and service chosen. Customers can use Gati KWE's online tools to calculate shipping costs. Domestic shipping starts at around US$3 for packages under 2 kilograms.

Gati KWE tracking states

Gati KWE tracking states will help you understand where your package is on its journey. Below are the most popular Gati KWE statuses.




The shipment has been delivered to the final destination and signed for by the recipient.

Out for delivery 

The shipment has been picked up by the carrier and is on its way to the final destination.

Arrived at destination 

The shipment has arrived at the final destination and is awaiting pickup by the recipient.

Redirected to next location

The shipment has been redirected to a different location due to unforeseen circumstances.

Docket detained - connection missed

The shipment has been detained by the carrier due to a missed connection.

Received at location 

The shipment has been received at a location along the way, such as a sorting facility or warehouse.

Out for next location

The shipment has been released from a location along the way and is on its way to the next location.

Departed from origin

The shipment has left the origin location and is on its way to the first destination.

Shipment booked

The shipment has been booked with the carrier and is awaiting pickup.

Undelivered due to

  •  consignee request for rescheduling
  • premises closed/ shifted
  • material not found
  • delay on-road

The shipment has not been delivered due to one of the following reasons

  • The recipient has requested a change in the delivery schedule.
  • The intended delivery location is closed or moved to a new address.
  • The shipment's contents couldn't be located for delivery.
  • There's a delay in the shipment's delivery due to road-related issues.

How do I contact Gati courier?

To contact Gati KWE, customers can call their customer service numbers (040-7120-4282 | 040-2784-4284) or email at They can also visit the Gati KWE website for more information and support.