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Mondial Relay

Mondial Relay is a company based in France that started as a simple home delivery company. As the years have passed, this company has skyrocketed its way to the top, providing some of the best and most efficient delivery and courier services in Europe. Among the many future goals this company is shooting for, partnerships are one of the top priorities. The thing is that it has begun to spread its services throughout all of France and many parts of Europe with hopes to extend even further. Mondial Relay has set a goal of 20,000 pickups and drop-off locations throughout Europe, and it actively heads to completing that goal.

While the company may not be a huge provider like some of its shipping competitors, it aims to ship small everyday packages while building a community to provide for the people of France. From the smallest letters to small business shipping orders, Mondial Relay has you covered.

Mondial Relay package deliveries

Statistically speaking, Mondial Relay was responsible for over 60 million packages in the year 2017, which is huge for a company that started from humble means like Mondial Relay did over 150 years ago. When it comes to deliveries, these are usually done among the 26 distribution areas. Also, deliveries are carried out by more than 1,000 carriers that Mondial Relay hosts with locations spread throughout Europe.

As far as delivery options with Mondial Relay are concerned, you can choose from standard delivery of three to five days, two-day delivery for guaranteed quick and easy shipment, and the next-day delivery for urgent matters. All of the available methods of delivery come with a guarantee of on-time shipment and safe and sound arrival anywhere on the European continent.

Mondial Relay tracking

When it comes to assuring that your order is on the way and running on time, Mondial Relay has safe, secure and simple ways to track the location of your packages. This can be done by using a unique Mondial Relay shipping number that is provided upon order confirmation.

As your package moves along to its final destination, this specific number is scanned along every step of the way. This information is automatically updated on the site to provide you with the most up to date location information. To use this number, you should visit the home page and enter the number into the box labelled ‘follow an order.’ From here, you can follow your package as it reaches its destination.

In this way, all of the guesswork is left out, providing you with only the best and most up to date information about the location of your package. While this may sound like the best and most advanced method available for tracking your package, it is not. We have just the solution to assure that your package will end up where it was meant.

Mondial Relay International tracking

With many locations spread all around Europe, Mondial Relay shipping tracking is fairly easy to do, even for international orders. With international orders there are no different or special instructions, you can track your package all the same with the Mondial Relay tracking code provided to you after order completion. While Mondial Relay may be a large and highly functional company with great options for tracking within Europe, its methods and abilities to track internationally are not up to par. There are just some places that cannot be reached. We know that shipping is important and keeping track of your items matters much, too. We have a solution that will help you when it comes to shipping and receiving, from the smallest letters to medium-sized packages.

Mondial Relay tracking system and

For all those tiny nooks and crannies that just can’t be reached with Mondial Relay tracking service alone, there is, one of the top online tracking services. can track your package anytime and anywhere all from the comfort of your mobile or PC devices. They have been in the tracking game for some time now and are partnered with some of the top names in the postal services like USPS and FedEx.

You can track your package easily by first visiting the Here you will need to create an account, which only takes a few minutes. After that, you will need to enter the same Mondial Relay tracking number that was given to you; this can be done conveniently on the main page after logging in. Input the number and then click the location bubble to start receiving the most up to date and accurate location information. After that, you’re able to receive real-time updates dealing with your package no matter where in the world it might be. All of the latest location information is ready and available to you on your account homepage.

Changes can happen out there in the big world. Sometimes you have to be prepared for the worst, especially when shipping is something vital for you. With, every change is sent to you via a notification that can be checked at all times. If you have multiple packages shipped, it is no problem as well. Follow the same process and input each packages unique Mondial Relay order number for up to date information about all your packages. With online shopping booming now and clients usually waiting for several packages delivered via several carriers, the hassle of separate tracking of each of them may be unsurmountable. Here, you can input all your tracking codes; will identify the carrier and will conduct an efficient and precise tracking process for your convenience. makes it easy for you to ship any item anywhere in the world as it puts extra assurance that your package will reach its destination at the expected time. While Mondial Relay web tracking may not be the best or anywhere near the top in international shipping, it is continuously improving. This powerful partnership with has helped it to reach the next level.