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With so many delivery services to choose from, it can be a challenge to rise above the competition. Ontrac has been staying ahead of the game since their introduction in 1991 as ‘California Overnight’ and quickly flourished, spreading to other states across the United States. Because of its presence among other places, and not just California, the company decided on a name change to better suit its identity and became Ontrac in 2008. Ontrac has had much success for the fact that it provides quick delivery service without all of the added costs that usually come with express shipping. After a name change in 2008, it continued to spread across the United States in an attempt to offer its services at faster rates in other parts of the country.

Its slogan “on-time for less” is perfectly fitting as the company still proves to be one of the fastest delivery services. Besides, Ontrac offers you money back if your order is not delivered to you within the quoted time. With so many influential names in the postal service business backing the company up like USPS and EMS, what is not to gain out of choosing to use this delivery service for your next shipment?

Ontrac Package Delivery

When it comes to choosing Ontrac services for your deliveries, Ontrac provides a one-stop-shop for almost all of your needs. You can customize all your delivery services to make sure that your deliveries are safe and secure. Among all the amazing services, some of the most important is a guarantee on the value of your shipment and a “collect on delivery” option.

Another fantastic feature offered by Ontrac is their levels system. It depends on the type of service you’re looking for. The starting level is Direct Post, with most packages reaching their destination by the end of the day after all processing is complete. The highest and fastest level offered is the ‘Sunrise Gold’ level. It guarantees delivery first thing in the morning for all the early birds out there. Ontrac has also not forgotten its roots and still guarantees the fastest overnight shipping in California.

Ontrac provides only the best and fastest shipments. One of the best features that Ontrac offers along with its international shipments is a variety of steep discount and package deals that other delivery services might not be able to match. With so many transfers happening daily, Ontrac knows a thing or two about shipping and delivery. What about tracking?

Ontrac tracking

Tracking of packages is important, and Ontrac knows that. The company put in a lot of work into improving its system and methods of tracking. The Ontrac tracking information is promised to be the most accurate and up to date location information.

Just as with the rest of the services that Ontrac provides, it has definitely put in a lot of work into improving Its system and methods of tracking. Ontrac tracking data avail the latest location information you can find with its new and improved tracking system. Along with improved and better-functioning technology, Ontrac has added more requirements on scanning, a new and easy to use the system, status codes that actually mean something and don’t require a short script dictionary, and of course real-time tracking.

How does tracking work with Ontrac? It’s very easy, and all you need is your Ontrac tracking number. Visit the Ontrac tracking website and click on the services tab, here the menu will pop open, and you will see the ‘tracking’ option. Select it, and you’re done. All of the most current location information will be at your fingertips. The same is relevant for Ontrac international tracking, but this is one place where Ontrac is not the strongest. It’s not as accurate nor as efficient as its domestic counterpart. So, what are you supposed to do if you want to ship an order internationally but want to make sure that it is delivered? We found a way to make the Ontrac tracking system even better. Here’s how.

Ontrac shipping tracking and Pkge.net

It’s a big world out there, especially for a small package to go up against. With dangers approaching your package around every corner, how can you be sure that it will safely reach its destination? Ontrac is great when it comes to Ontrac ground tracking, but internationally, the company has some disadvantages. That’s where Pkge.net comes in.

Pkge.net has been an expert in the shipping and delivery atmosphere for a long time. The company provides tracking services to hundreds of companies just like Ontrac guaranteeing the most accurate location and up to date information about your shipment.

We know what you all are thinking, ‘another number and website to use on top of Ontrac.’ Think again. With Pkge.net, all you need is your Ontrac tracking code provided to you an order confirmation and voila. All the most up to date information you could ask for. Pkge.net works as a partner with Ontrac, and it is in no way there to replace the already amazing delivery services the companies provide. This combined power team is simply meant to track your delivery with the most accuracy and the most security possible, filling in all of the missing places around the globe that Ontrac just can’t quite reach. So, how does this work?

First and foremost, you will need to create an account with Pkge.net. After you create your account, you will need to enter your Ontrac shipping number into the tracking box. From here, it is all smooth sailing as you’re are greeted with the most accurate location of your package in real-time. You also are in the know with all parts of the delivery process from confirmation to delivery. If there are any changes to your order, like delays, natural disasters, or delivery times, you will be notified through your Pkge.net account as soon as this happens. You can not only track one package but, if you have multiple on the way, Pkge.net can update you on those too, all from your Pkge.net dashboard.

If you use several carriers together with Ontrac, pkge.net also has you covered; no need to download all apps or visit each website every day. Tracking of multiple carriers may be conducted easily from the comfort of one pkge.net personal cabinet.

Together, this power team will have you feeling stress-free when it comes to the delivery of your packages. Ontrac already knows a thing or two about domestic delivery and tracking, but by combining with a tracking superstar like Pkge.net, it provides fast, affordable, and secure delivery. You can take control into your hands with the powerful duo of Ontrac and Pkge.net.