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OTX Logistics

This company has been providing some of the top shipping and delivery solutions since 1994. Based in Asia, they started as only offering services by sea and by air and have developed into a medium-sized logistics company that hosts a variety of logistics solutions for some of the top names across all kinds of industries. Among the industries they’ve served, high-tech, fashion, and lifestyle are just a few.

As far as future endeavors for the company are concerned, they’re trying to branch out further to improve their international connections. Thus, OTX Logistics is in a constant attempt to provide and use only the most advanced shipment and logistics technology out there today.

OTX Logistics package delivery options

When it comes to doing business with OTX Logistics, you have more than a few options to choose from. The best part is that all services are highly customizable to suit you and your business needs best. Several available shipping methods offered by this carrier are air freight, sea freight, and land services with an option for express delivery. All of these can be customized from the beginning to end with options to change everything from packaging to labeling and more. Their logistics team is knowledgeable both locally and internationally, having the ability to provide you with solutions and operations no matter where in the world your business takes you.

OTX Logistics tracking

One of the most important parts of shipping services is the ability to track your order no matter where it is. Tracking is usually done by using a unique barcode that has a number acting as an identifier for your package. This barcode is tracked along the journey to put you at ease. Using this OTX Logistics shipping number, you can simply visit the main page on the website and enter the number. You are then able to see the most recent updated information related to your package status and estimated delivery time. This works amazing for most domestic orders, but what about international shipments?

OTX Logistics international tracking

When it comes to international orders, you can use the powerful combination of Pkge.net and OTX logistics. Pkge.net is a big name in the tracking world, with several years of experience and powerful partnerships with some of the biggest names in postal services. You can start tracking your package simply by creating a Pkge.net account and entering the same OTX Logistics tracking number that was given to you upon order confirmation. You are then able to accurately track your package from even the tiniest corners of the planet. If you have multiple packages floating around, no need to worry; Pkge.net allows you to add multiple packages to the same account for all of the most up-to-date information provided when it comes to your precious cargo. With this powerful combo of OTX Logistics shipping tracking and pkge.net, you can take all the guesswork out of keeping an eye on your packages and never worry about your parcels’ condition and delivery dates.