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WeDo Logistics is a Chinese logistics company that runs a full-scale international logistics system. The company owns its own warehouse covering a total area of over 30,000 square meters. It has warehouses in different Chinese cities such as Shenzhen, Ailian, Pingdi and China South City. It also has a warehouse in the US to coordinate its North American operations. Moreover, the company has other warehouses in major European destinations such as Germany and the UK. The firm has more than 400 workers.

The Chinese company is also seeking to attain a full integration of real-time logistics information operations by using leading-edge technologies and excellent Internet thinking. It has also developed a powerful network that handles global logistics queries and an integrated supply chain. Consequently, it aims to boost its storage, generation, and material procurement processes. This way, it is easy for customers to query and track their products. Its querying system is real-time and integrated with supply resources to attain economical and fast logistical processes.

Moreover, WeDo Logistics publishes product batches on leading online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, Wish, TrustPass, and Taobao. The logistics company also seeks to save customers money and time by connecting them to its subsequent delivery processes supply chain system and providing them with affordable goods storage and shipping services. The firm also prides on offering clients the most affordable and reasonable logistical solutions. The company ships items worldwide in the most convenient and fastest way possible.

How WeDo Logistics Tracking Works

The dawn of the Internet has opened the world and broken the traditional barriers that divided nations. For example, before .com became a household name, only a few multi million businesses could engage in international trade. However, the Net has made it easy for anyone to engage in international business and ship goods even at the comfort of their living rooms. However, this revolutions has also caused another need—tracking of those items. The reason is people are trading with invisible faces who also use middlemen to ship their wares. Therefore, it becomes logical for the addressee to keep an eye on the status of their items.

Fortunately, the same tech that opened up international borders to free trade also solve the WeDo Logistics tracking equation. It’s now easy for addressees to monitor their incoming cargo using desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, they can do this easily by using WeDo Logistics tracking numbers that follow their shipment.

We have also made it even easier for you to track your items. To trace your expected cargo, you have to log in to There, you will provide the special tracking number and allow the system a few seconds to process the search. Our efficient system will perform the search, define a postal service (even if it is UPS, EMS, or China Post), and use the unique code to track your mail or parcel. The process is such a breeze.

What are you waiting for? We welcome you to test and see the difference our tracking website offers. Get on board today!