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ABOUT Correos de Costa Rica

Correos de Costa Rica, the national postal service of Costa Rica, has been a cornerstone in the country's communication infrastructure since its inception in 1839. As the first postal office in Latin America to join the Universal Postal Union in 1883, it has evolved significantly from its early days. In 1998, it transitioned into a private profitable entity, expanding its services beyond traditional mail to include domestic and international shipping, medicine delivery, and the innovative Box-Correos service for online shopping with virtual US addresses.

How to track Correos de Costa Rica Orders Online

Tracking your Correos de Costa Rica parcels is made easy with their efficient tracking system. Once you have your tracking number, simply enter it on the official website or a universal tracking platform like PKGE. This service provides real-time updates on your parcel's location and status, ensuring you're always informed about your shipment's journey.

Correos de Costa Rica tracking number format

The tracking number format for Correos de Costa Rica typically includes a combination of letters and digits, such as A# *** *** *** CR, C# *** *** *** CR, or E# *** *** *** CR, where "#" represents a letter and "*" a digit. This format allows for easy tracking of parcels through their system.

Correos de Costa Rica delivery times

Delivery times vary depending on the service chosen and the destination. Domestically, shipments can arrive as quickly as the next business day, while international shipments to regions like North and South America take about 5 days to a week. Deliveries to Europe, Africa, and Asia may take 2 to 3 weeks, with Oceania destinations taking upwards of 3 weeks. Express services like EMS are available for faster international shipping.

Where does Correos de Costa Rica deliver to?

Correos de Costa Rica offers extensive international shipping options, delivering to over 220 countries worldwide. This is facilitated through partnerships with global postal services, including a special partnership with the US Postal Service, ensuring efficient delivery to the United States and beyond.

What are the charges for Correos de Costa Rica shipping?

Shipping rates are competitive and vary based on parcel characteristics and destination. Domestic rates start from as low as 2100 CRC (approximately $3.50 USD) for letters and 3500 CRC (about $5.90 USD) for packages. International rates are detailed on their official website, with prices depending on the destination zone. For example, shipping to Miami falls under Zone 1, with rates starting at 22.400 CRC (around $37.70 USD).

Contact Correos de Costa Rica

For assistance or inquiries, Correos de Costa Rica's customer service can be reached at 800 900 2000 / (+506) 2202 -2900 or via email at Their dedicated team is committed to providing support and resolving any issues you may encounter with your shipment.

Using a service like PKGE offers a streamlined and efficient way to track packages from Correos de Costa Rica and various other carriers, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.