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DHL is one of the leading and most iconic American companies. The firm has been delivering packages within the US and internationally for over five decades. In this post, you will discover more about its shipping and tracking services as it competes with other leading couriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, Australia Post, China Post, EMS, UK Mail, and Aliexpress Shipping. Keep reading to discover how can assist you to conduct DHL tracking as you wait for your packages to arrive.

How to Track DHL Package

To conduct a DHL parcel tracking, you will need to talk to your local postal service about your package. Moreover, you require a particular DHL tracking number your local post recognizes. You can also use our tracking solutions on our website to track your incoming DHL parcel.

Can We Track a Package Without a Tracking Number?

Under some circumstances, you can track your package without DHL express tracking number. To do so, you will have to visit the UPS website to sign up for a UPS My Choice Account. This account will provide you with a dashboard that has tools for locating your incoming items. For users who want to track their USPS incoming items, they can register for its Informed Delivery version on its website’s dashboard and use it to monitor their items.

What is My DHL Account Number?

All DHL users can sign up for either personal or business accounts. When they register for such account, the company assigns them a unique number that identifies and distinguishes them from other account holders.

Tracking Statuses

Below are the different statuses users can use to track shipment.



Shipment picked up

A local DHL office has picked a shipment for shipping to a given destination

Arrived at Sort Facility

A parcel has arrived at a DHL facility for sorting


DHL has processed an order

In transit / in progress

A package is on its way to its designated delivery address

Arrived at overseas

Shipment has arrived at a foreign address

Item is pre-advised

DHL is yet to receive a shipment label

Insert item into bag (Otb)

The parcel’s shipping happened abroad

Poste Restante

The parcel has to wait at the destination’s Post Office waiting the recipient to collect it

Out for delivery

A parcel has reached its final destination waiting delivery to the recipient’s address

Departure to a country of destination

The parcel has departed to its foreign destination

Arrival Scan

A DHL facility has scanned a package on arrival

Exported to opened

A parcel has returned to its country of origin


The address was wrong, therefore, it has to be delivered again

Into customs

The parcel needs to pass through customs

Cleared customs

Items have gone through customs

Unsuccessful delivery attempt

DHL has attempted to deliver an item but failed

Returned back to sender

DHL has returned the item to the sender after making at least three failed delivery attempts

DHL Services

DHL offers many local shipping and courier services for US and international destinations. This section discusses them deeply.

What is DHL Shipping?

It is the carrying or shipping of items between different local and international destinations.

What is DHL Global Mail?

It is a subsidiary of the Deutsche Post DHL (DP DHL) group offering international postal services and straight mail distribution. The firm provides simple and cost-effective international services to European, America, Asian business customers. These services include mail and other light goods.

What is DHL Ecommerce?

It’s DHL’s eCommerce a pickup, delivery, and return facilitator for business clients and ecommerce logistics.

What is DHL Express?

It’s DHL’s wing that tracks, ships, and delivers packages.

How to Ship With DHL

Shipping your items with DHL is simple if you follow the right process and requirements. Read below to learn how you can do it effectively in five easy steps.

  • Labeling your items

When labeling your items, include correct and legible details like your return address and your recipient’s address. Therefore, provide as much information as possible to avoid failed deliveries.

  • Picking a courier service

Next, you have to choose which type of service you want DHL to use to ship your package because it has various options. For instance, you can opt for standard or express delivery options depending on your budget, urgency, or type of parcel you are sending.

  • Ask about special package requirements

You also have to ask about the kind of items DHL ships and those it doesn’t. If you are sending hazardous items, it is prudent to ask beforehand to learn about their special procedures. So, learn the rules early to avoid last-minute inconvenience and frustrations.

  • Book for collection

Afterward, ensure DHL picks your package. It’s important to organize for a courier to pick your items by reserving a collection using the DHL app or its customer service.

  • Tracking your package

After ensuring that DHL Express has collected your cargo, it’s necessary to start a DHL delivery tracking process. You can use the company’s tracking services on its website to track your items anytime, anywhere. If you have an account with DHL, you can receive special status alerts via SMS or email. Remember, always keep your DHL express tracking number safe to help you track any package you are expecting.

How Long Does DHL Take?

All standard shipping takes between 3 and 8 working days. For those using DHL Ground services, they will wait for between 3 and 5 days. International deliveries usually take from 1 to 3 weeks to get to their destination.

Who Delivers DHL Packages in the USA?

DHL is slowly coming back to the American market after exiting it for a decade. It’s gradually penetrating the market via DHL Parcel Metro. Therefore, DHL depends on this company to deliver its packages in the USA.

Does DHL Deliver to Your Door?

Yes, DHL delivers packages up to users’ homes and commercial premises, or Post Office Box by local Post Office using Parcel Select.

How Late Does DHL Delivery?

DHL does not have a specified delivery time during a given business day. However, it delivers all items between 8 AM and 6 PM every Monday to Friday. Also, the exact delivery time varies depending on the package sizes and delivery addresses.

How to Find DHL Lost Packages or Missing Mail

Life can throw all manner of surprises, including missing or lost packages and mails. Just as it happens with other companies such as USPS, UPS, and UK Mail, sometimes DHL parcels can go missing or get lost. We know such moments can be tense and frustrating to both senders and recipients. However, all hope is not lost because you can do the following to help find your missing or lost items.

  • Contact customer service

If your items have not arrived at least 24 hours after their expected delivery date and time, you don’t need to panic. The reason is that most of the time, the packages could have delayed somewhere along the way. Therefore, you can easily use the DHL’s services to track your order. If your tracking produces unclear results or status, then contact the company immediately for timely intervention and assistance.

When contacting DHL’s customer service, you have to describe your parcel clearly and supply accurate information such as a consignment number. This way, it becomes easy for DHL Express to follow up with its distribution centers to establish the item’s current status. The search could find out that maybe the parcel was addressed incorrectly, got lost, or was damaged along the way.

DHL Contacts

DHL has many offices across the world, and you may contact its representatives via a hotline, an email, a live chat on the official website, or by visiting the local office in person. It’s best to check your local address to contact the company when you need help.