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ABOUT Kerry Express

Kerry Express is a leading logistics and parcel delivery service in the Asian region, specializing in package delivery within Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and beyond. Founded in Hong Kong, Kerry Express has grown to operate over 550 distribution centers and more than 2,000 service locations across East Asia. The company is renowned for its cash-on-delivery options, making it a preferred choice for e-commerce and individual shipping needs.

Kerry Express services on offer

Kerry Express provides a wide range of parcel delivery services, including same-day and next-day delivery for urgent shipments, economic delivery options for less urgent needs, and customized services like re-packing and direct marketing. The company utilizes air, land, and sea transportation to ensure global shipping capabilities and a variety of delivery options for customers.

Does Kerry Express provide E-commerce solutions?

Yes, Kerry Express has tailored its services to meet the demands of the e-commerce sector, offering logistics and delivery solutions such as payment-on-delivery, return management, on-site support, customs clearance, and route optimization. This focus on e-commerce logistics has made Kerry Express a go-to partner for online sellers, especially those operating on social media platforms.

Tracking Kerry Express Online

Kerry Express tracking is straightforward with PKGE's global tracking tool. By entering your Kerry Express tracking number on the PKGE website, you can receive real-time updates on your parcel, even if it is handled by different couriers or transportation methods during its journey. This multi-courier tracking capability ensures you remain informed about your shipment's status at all times.

Does Kerry Express offer international delivery?

While Kerry Express has a strong operational presence in East Asia, it also offers international shipping options through partnerships with international express firms. This collaborative approach allows Kerry Express to deliver parcels worldwide, even in countries where it does not have its own workforce, by relying on other handlers to complete the delivery process.

Contact Kerry Express

For any inquiries or assistance with your Kerry Express shipment, you can contact Kerry Express directly. While specific contact details are not provided here, customers are encouraged to visit the official Kerry Express website for the most accurate and up-to-date contact information. Kerry Express's customer service team is dedicated to providing support and resolving any issues related to your shipment efficiently.

To track Kerry Express, use the PKGE platform. It offers a streamlined and efficient way to track packages from Kerry Express, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. With real-time updates and comprehensive tracking capabilities, PKGE enhances your package tracking experience, making it easier to stay informed about your shipments.