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Lao Post is a state-owned postal corporation in Lao People’s Democratic Republic. It was launched in 1975 under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to provide postal services within the country. Lao Post contributes to the agenda of the state. It boosts the economy through the delivery of goods to meet the needs of the people and the global market. Its services include mail delivery of postcards, parcels, and cargo both for domestic and international clients. Lao Post offers logistics in freight transportation by land and air, to promote cross-border trading. It also provides online financial services such as payment collection, money transfer via western union, and an online shop.

Lao post has an efficient tracking system in place for customers to monitor their parcels regardless of time and place.

How Lao Post Tracking Works

Parcel tracking is an online service that enables clients to perform self-tracking with ease and convenience. The track and trace feature is accessible on the site which prompts you to enter a parcel code.

During posting of parcels, the shippers ensure that each package has a Lao Post tracking number before shipping. The handlers use a bar code scanner to assign the packages the unique identification codes. Without the 13-character number, tracking your parcel will be difficult. The sender locates the number on the shipment documents and immediately forwards the information to the recipient for tracking purposes. It takes a few days for parcel data to integrate seamlessly into the system. When you enter the code, the system retrieves the details automatically with details such as dispatch date, expected delivery date, current location, transition points, held by customs, etc.

If you want regular updates on your email, register on the Lao Post website to get alerts any time the status of your parcel changes. Tracking encourages integrity in the supply chain industry since customers will know the condition of a parcel before arrival.

Lao Post International Tracking

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