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Online Tracking and Tracing of Shipments

It is important for businesses to ensure that their products reach their customers in a timely and accurate manner. Technology has connected people to businesses all over the world. Every day, parcels, important documents, and consignments are shipped to several destinations. TNT is the best courier company that is trusted by many people. We deliver your parcels with care and undivided attention because we value the relationship between you and your customer. Hence, ensuring that parcels are delivered with the accuracy they deserve. Furthermore, TNT offers online tracking and tracing of each package until delivery.

How Tracking and Tracing Works

Each parcel is allocated a tracking number, a tracking id or a shipment number. It consists of 8 digits. With TNT tracking service, customers are able to track multiple shipments one place.
There is a special bar where you can enter the shipment tracking number on our tracking site. You can also use customer reference for tracking your parcel. You can track as many shipments as you want then add them to the ‘watchlist’. Customers can track their shipments for up to 90 days in our tracking system. However, the downside is that the shipment number gets re-used after every three to four weeks. Hence, there is a possibility of your number bringing up a collection of shipments. Do not worry, one of the shipments is yours and all your personal information is secure.
Customers can download our app on their mobile phones for convenience and receive notifications of the status of their shipments. We offer both domestic and international tracking services.

Online Shipping Solutions

TNT also offers online shipping solutions to customers. This service can be used by anyone with Internet access across the globe. You are able to get quotations at any time, wherever you are. Whether it’s domestic or international, you can choose the best option that suits the urgency of your needs. My TNT app saves you time and money because it is easy and convenient to use. Follow our ‘5 easy steps’ guide on our website to get your business on the move. Finally, you can track your shipment by acquiring all the tracking information for safe delivery.
Web tracking has revolutionized shipping across the world. With the increase in online stores, many people are embracing e-commerce trends each year. That is why, at TNT, we understand the value of accurate and timely delivery of your consignments. We will go an extra mile and help your business to grow with each shipment.