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Today, there are numerous ways to track shipments from China, and they are improving every day. Due to a large number of online stores that are based in this country, postal tracking services handle a large flow of customers and constantly improve their search systems. So how can you find a shipment sent using the CDECLS delivery service?

What is CDECLS?

CDECLS is one of the most known Chinese postal companies. It delivers packages all over the world and works perfectly in the international trade market. The company positions itself as the most influential player in the postal market in China. It is entirely justified, as CDECLS strives to provide excellent service for each client.

Currently, the company delivers almost half of orders from Chinese web stores, which amounts to about 80 percent of the income of the entire postal operator. According to the 2017 Forbes rating, CDECLS has overtaken the world’s leading companies in the production of equipment, smartphones and laptops.

CDECLS: Services Provided

This Chinese postal service is engaged in the shipment of large-scale cargos, registered mail, parcels from Internet shops. CDECLS cooperates with the most famous online stores in China, led by Aliexpress.

In addition, along with many other services, it handles currency transfers at a certain percentage and is engaged in accepting payments from the residents of China. However, due to the particular laws, CDECLS cannot hand out pension savings and is not allowed to give out any money in general.

According to the reports of the Chinese press, in 2019, the company plans to become one of the monopolists of the market and significantly increase the value of the entire enterprise.

CDECLS: Cooperation with Other Postal Services

A distinctive feature of CDECLS postal service is confirmed cooperation with the Russian Post and fast delivery services that operate in the country. Thanks to this, the company gets the opportunity to transfer more shipments.

Cooperation with mail and package delivery services helped CDECLS to set up constant tracking of parcels. Thus, you can track your order at any moment, using the service of the postal operator or any site that provides such services, for example,, as it is one of the most reliable resources.

How to Track a Shipment Sent with CDECLS?

In order to observe the “path” of your package using CDECLS tracking, you need two things – a stable Internet connection and to know your track order number. As for the latter, it has a particular format. Starting with the following five letters – “YDAK,” – the track order number is then followed by ten digits. It usually ends with letters “YQ” – for instance, YDK9833000455YQ.

Using the CDECLS postal service tracking, you will have access to information about the location of your shipment from this postal operator, locations that it has already passed, and the approximate route. Based on these data, you can calculate the time, after which you should expect the parcel, which is also very convenient for the customer. You can also use the help of to find out where is your order at the moment.

The rating of CDECLS is quite high, and the clients’ feedback is mostly positive. Packages reach their destination in 15-25 days. However, sometimes, you will need to wait up to a month and a half.