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Among all international shippers, SkyNet definitely has much to be proud of. It is one of the oldest modern carriers that has been enjoying steady growth and unchanging positive reputation among clients worldwide. Existing since 1972, SkyNet has expanded to become the largest independently owned express courier network. The company now has over 1,000 offices in more than 200 countries. The range of services covered by SkyNet is also impressive, covering export and import express services, economy express options, the Skybox service, flexible and affordable cargo shipment, Sky mail services, door-to-airport delivery options, and logistics and fulfilment coverage. These come in line with a series of specialized services for special cases such as:

  • Embassy courier services
  • PUDO (pick-up and drop-off) options
  • Kitting
  • POS distribution
  • e-commerce solutions
  • Sampling
  • Careful shipment of dangerous goods.

These and many more service options are available for clients on a global scale. Thus, when it comes to special-purpose shipment or quick and safe delivery, the selection of SkyNet is always a great idea.

Advantages of SkyNet

With the aforementioned profile of SkyNet, one can see that the company has a proven record of flawless service in the area of postal services, logistics, and express shipment. Hence, the advantages of selecting this carrier include (though are not limited to) the following:

  • High-quality service and 24/7 support across all locations;
  • Flexibility and attention to detail;
  • Customized solutions for businesses and individuals;
  • Attractive e-shopping solutions;
  • Express delivery options;
  • Domestic and international shipping;
  • Smart SkyNet parcel tracking solutions.

By choosing SkyNet, you may always rest assured that your shipment will be delivered safe and sound, be it a confidential business mail or an antique piano.

SkyNet Tracking

With the development of e-commerce and global expansion of business relations and partnerships, the need to track one’s shipment becomes critical. People send and receive packages worldwide, but after they pay for the goods, they still need to wait for some time until the package arrives at their destination. Thus, the tracking number lookup helps to get the real-time information about the shipment’s progress and to make sure that the package is intact and on its way.

SkyNet offers an effective tracking system at its official website – the SkyNet tracking platform. There, all users of the service may enter the SkyNet tracking number to check the status of their shipment and verify its progression to their location. The SkyNet tracking code is assigned to all items shipped by the carrier once they are registered in the system.

SkyNet Shipping Tracking with is a modern service enabling clients to track any package shipped by any carrier in real time. From now on, you can track your order by simply registering with, selecting the carrier which you would like to check, and typing in the reference number in the corresponding tab. Post tracking has never been that easy! Now you can locate any SkyNet package within a couple of instants, being sure that it is heading right to you.