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The USPS, or the United States Postal Service, is America’s official government postal services provider. You can use its various service packages to ship different items. Moreover, you can also track your parcels to keep control over their statuses. Besides using its official website, you can use our USPS tracking solution at and enjoy satisfactory results. Our website supports tracking for other carriers such as FedEx, UPS, Australia Post, China Post, EMS, UK Mail, and AliExpress Shipping. The remaining sections of this post offer you an in-depth understanding of USPS’s world-class postal and courier services.

How to Track a USPS Package?

You can engage USPS tracking for any package very easily. You only need to key in your item’s tracking number into the USPS website or our website’s tracking section to track your order. After keying in the number, you can see the item’s current status, origin, destination, and class. With these facts, you will be better placed to act appropriately. Moreover, the USPS international tracking service lets you request SMS or email messages about your package’s status updates. You can also ask the carrier to leave the items at a given location if nobody is available to accept them.

USPS Tracking Statuses

The following are the common USPS tracking statuses and their descriptions.

Status Description
Delivered This status means your parcel has been delivered with a recorded time, location, and delivery date.
Notice Left This status means the courier tried delivering your parcel today but failed. Therefore, if nobody claims that item before the return date, the courier will return it to the sender.
Delivery status not updated It means that although the parcel reached the courier for dispatch, they have not processed its delivery.
Receptacle blocked It means that the courier can’t access the mailbox to deliver given items. If the status remains like this, you will have to rearrange for another delivery.
No access Your carrier failed to deliver a parcel to your address because they couldn’t access a gated community or other forms of interference, such as animals.
In transit The parcel is on the way to its desired destination.
Arrived at Post Office It means the item has arrived at its designated postal address.
Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS The USPS has received all the relevant information regarding an item’s shipment.
Accepted at USPS Origin Facility An item has arrived at the USPS origin facility, and it has received it.
Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility It means an item has reached the USPS’s main office in a given region.

How to Track USPS Package Without a Tracking Number?

Yes, you can track USPS packages without a tracking number. The USPS tracking website enables customers to check pictures of their mails and manage their incoming parcels on a single control panel. From the Informed delivery dashboard, users can sign up for SMS or email notifications, schedule delivery alerts, and enter USPS Delivery Instructions. This provision also features an electronic signature that lets users sign incoming mails and other items digitally. With this simple process, you can track your USPS package without a USPS tracking number.

How to Track a Letter?

You can track your letter easily by purchasing a tracking service from USPS when mailing your letter at your local office. Alternatively, you can do so using our tracking website. The local Post Office will tag your letter and give you its identifying code. You will now be able to track your letter’s status via the USPS track-and-confirm website at Alternatively, you can do so by calling USPS’s emergency number.

What Does USPS a Tracking Number Look Like?

The typical USPS tracking number format has 20 – 22 digits or a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters. Below is an example of how the number looks like depends on the shipping service:

Service Sample Number
USPS Tracking 9405511897812898894608
Priority Mail 9205556987456987412369
Certified Mail 9407658974100236987455
Collect On Delivery Hold For Pickup 9303666987002369854789
Registered Mail 9208500268978440023698
Priority Mail International KL555698748US
Priority Mail Express EN555698748US


Priority Mail Express International YT555698748US
Global Express Guaranteed 8255590047
Signature Confirmation 9202666900254780224789

Is Receipt Number Same as Tracking Number USPS?

No. The receipt number is different from the USPS online tracking number. The tracking number is a separate identification containing 22 digits but also located on the receipt.

How Long Does It Take for USPS to Deliver Mail?

It’s challenging to state the exact delivery times of items even though standard packages should arrive within three days, depending on their location within the US. Moreover, mail volume fluctuates daily, thus making it difficult to predict exact delivery times. However, all deliveries should complete by 5 PM local time Monday to Saturday unless unusual circumstances such as severe weather conditions, natural disasters, traffic, and staffing challenges interfere.

What Time Do You Have to Post Something for Next Day Delivery?

We don’t have an exact deadline for posting items that need to arrive the following day. However, it’s necessary to be at the post office before the close of business at 5 PM for the item to ship overnight and arrive on time. For USPS users, the item should arrive between 9 AM and noon the following day. In the UK, they arrive before 9 AM or shortly after.

How Fast Is USPS Priority Mail?

This solution is one of the quickest delivery solutions the corporation has for urgent deliveries. In most US states, parcels or documents users send using it usually arrive before 10 AM the following day.

How Long Does It Take For USPS To Deliver Mail?

Averagely, it takes 3 to 5 days for USPS to deliver mails. If unavoidable circumstances interfere with the process, it might take up to 8 days depending on the state the letters are heading to.

How Long Does USPS First Class Package Take?

Mostly, 96% of all First-Class Mail arrives within one day for local deliveries. If the mailing is nationwide, it can take up to 3 days, with 94% of them making it within this timeframe.

What Time Does USPS Deliver?

The standard mail delivery time is between 8 AM and 5 PM. However, unavoidable circumstances can delay the delivery process, although according to USPS, it should go beyond 2 PM.

How to Find USPS Lost Packages or Missing Mail?

Yes, you can find the lost or missing USPS mail. Complete the following simple process:

  • Check its status

You need to confirm your mail’s status before proceeding with your tracking process. You should go to the website’s tracking section or that of From there, utilize the USPS’s Informed Delivery® service to track its current location. This tool lets customer view their incoming mails digitally.

Next, complete this form on a computer and submit it before proceeding further. Afterward, this company forwards the information to your local Post Office to assist you in locating the missing item.

  • Submit a missing mail search request

Should seven working days elapse before after submitting your help request form and you haven’t received your parcel, you will have to submit a Missing Mail Search Request with these details:

  • The sender’s mailing address;
  • The recipient’s mailing address;
  • The size and type of packaging or envelope you used to ship the lost item;
  • The package’s identification and USPS tracking information such as your USPS tracking number(s), the mailing date from your mailing receipt, or Click-N-Ship® label receipt;
  • A detailed description of packages, for example, coloring and sizes. If possible, you can provide photos of the box to ease the searching process.

Consequently, the USPS will send your request to your local Post Office to assist them in finding your missing items.

What Is Package Pickup?

Package pickup is a service that lets you schedule a pickup for the delivery date. The service covers mail pieces such as Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail®, First-Class Package Service-Commercial™, and international or returns items.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Package By USPS?

The USPS provides tracking, insurance, shipping boxes, and envelopes for all its mails. If you want to use Priority Mail Flat Rate®, weighing cargos 70 pounds and below is not necessary. Priority Mail prices begin at $7.35. Use the Postage Price Calculator to know the price.

USPS Contacts

Customers may contact USPS using the following email and telephone contacts:

Email: USPS® client support on its website or call (1-800-275-8777)