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What is Pitney Bowes?

Founded by Arthur Pitney, Pitney Bowes is an American technology company known for various kinds of services. Out of all its services, it’s known for its postage meter and advanced mailing equipment. It is the ‘work-share partner’ of the United States Postal Service and offers the essential support of the company to process 15 billion mails annually. 

The organization is in an alliance with eBay and plays a major part in the e-commerce order deliveries from American online stores and eBay. 

Pitney Bowes tracking 

Whether you want to track a parcel or a mail, Pitney Bowes tracking could be done without stepping out from your house. Using the tracking number and a reliable package tracking website like Pkge.net, you will get a detailed report of your parcel delivery. 

What does the Pitney Bowes track number look like?

The tracking number allows you to track your package and find out the delivery details. It could be easily found on your receipt and order confirmation email. The track order number is a combination of digits and letters that could be anywhere between 8-40 character length, for example, PBXSA002758449.

Is Pitney Bowes tracking without a tracking number possible? 

With a tracking number, Pitney Bowes parcel tracking is not possible. If you have lost this number then you need to contact the company and make the efforts to retrieve it. 

What are the Pitney Bowes services? 

Pitney Bowes services are very extensive and widespread. Starting from postal service tracking to location intelligence, it has made workflow simplified and tech-driven. The service list is mentioned below. 

  • Ecommerce Delivery Services — Under this service category, the business offers standard delivery, parcel protection, and global inbound postal tracking facilities.
  • Presort Services — This service helps customers to enjoy cost-effective postal tracking, pick-up, and delivery at an affordable cost. The wide USPS® network is the core of this service. You can send various kinds of mails under this service section. 
  • Financial Services — It will help you get adequate finance for your business. They can handle every aspect of business financing and global payment for businesses of all kinds and types. 
  • Business Services – This company is a leading business service provider in the USA and Canada. The company will help you with consulting, training, technology implementation, and many other operational areas. 

 What delivery options are available under Ship Parcels, Packages & Flat service sections?   

Under this service section, a business could use two types of delivery options:

  • SendPro® Online
  • SendPro® Enterprise

Can you send letters & documents with Pitney Bowes? 

Yes. They will help you send your personal and official letters and documents with a highly advanced mailing service. It offers you a SendPro facility using which a customer could send letters & documents using an online application. 

What is the Create & Assemble Mail Service of Pitney Bowes? 

The service provider will handle your business mailing task from your behalf and help you save money & time. Under this service, customers will enjoy professionally handled business emails. Email drafting, printing, enveloping, and shipment will be handled by them. 

How Pitney Bowes manages postage costs & operations? 

To help businesses at this front, it offers highly managed services that include: 

  • Flexible payment — You may pay later or pay in advance for all your mailing services availed from Pitney Bowes. 
  • Budgeting and Reporting — Get the data-rich and highly simplified report, to find out the number of mails, mailing expenses, and other related stuff. 

What are the shipping software & systems that Pitney Bowes uses?  

Pitney Bowes has three types of shipping software and system to manage the shipping. 

  • SendPro® Online – Able to handle up to 25 mail pieces/week or up to 200 shipments/month
  • SendPro® Tablet – Capable to handle 500 shipments/month
  • SendPro® Enterprise — Capable enough to handle up to 1,000 users

What are postage meters? 

Postage meters are a device used to generate and apply physical evidence of postages. Using a postage meter helps a business to reduce mailing cost as it grants the user access to the rates of USPS. Pitney Bowes offers a whole range of postage meters. You may find them here.

What is online postage? 

Pitney Bowes allows users to print exact postage and USPS shipping labels online and save 5 cents on every printed stamp. You can print postages from anywhere and anytime. 

What are Pitney Bowes rates for First-class mail in 2020? 

The rates of First class mail are:

  • Letter 1 oz. — $0.55
  • Metered Letter 1 oz. — $0.50
  • Flats/Large Envelopes 1 oz. — $1.00
  • Single-piece card — $0.35

How to send a package by Pitney Bowes?

Sending a package by Pitney Bowes is an easy task. Here is a detailed article explaining every bit of it. 

What articles cannot be sent by Pitney Bowes?

They meet delivery and postage compliances by all means. As per the compliance, there is a whole list of items that can’t be shipped, available on their website. The list is available here. 

How to cancel the Pitney Bowes account?

To cancel your lease, you must contact the company on 1-844-256-6444. Whilst making the call, you must have your 10-digit account number handy. 

Who delivers Pitney Bowes in the USA?

Pitney Bowes is USA’s leading mailing partner handles parcel, package, and postal delivery extensively. Many leading e-commerce businesses of the USA use Pitney Bowes’s postal and shipment delivery facility. 

Who delivers Pitney Bowes in the UK?

Pitney Bowes handles the delivery in the UK and its subordinate regions on its own. Using the international tracking facility, users can get a door-step parcel and mail delivery facility. It has partnered with local delivery partners like DHL, TNT, etc., to ensure time-bound delivery. 

How to contact Pitney Bowes?

The company has a very responsive and extensive customer care support system that can be accessed via mail, live chat, and phone.

  • Account & Meter Support 844-256-6444

There is a separate customer care number for a different region. You can visit the official website and find the contact details as per your region

The live chat facility is available on the website from Monday-Friday — 8 AM-8 PM — ET. You can also submit an online support case anytime.