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Receiving and Tracking Solutions

With e-commerce trends on the rise, online stores are recording a boom in sales globally. People search and buy products online without reservations. Parcels can now be delivered across the globe due to the advancements in technology. Hence, organizations are constantly innovating shipping solutions to enhance the experience of their customers.
Pitney Bowes is an independent company that offers shipping tracking and mailing solutions to customers to assist the efficiency and productivity of your business. This can be done in the comfort of your office. We offer office shipping solutions to simplify the process through shipping companies such as FedEx or USPS. Pitney Bowes tracking solutions assist customers to track packages within their organization. Moreover, our tracking system is automated from the initial point of receiving packages, tracking, and delivery to customers to prevent the risk of human error. Also, we offer international tracking of mails and parcels. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the loss of packages or mails since the software tracks the shipment and sends notifications to your customers.

How Pitney Bowes Receiving and Tracking Works

It is easy to receive parcels; however, ensuring they are successfully delivered on time is of paramount importance. Parcel tracking is a service that enhances the accuracy of service delivery to customers. There are two software solutions used by Pitney Bowes in the tracking of packages:
* SendSuite tracking software
When a package is received, it is assigned a unique number referred to as a tracking number. The machine sorts the order of the packages with precision. Each package is scanned by SendSuite tacking which sends appropriate information such as the sender, recipient, and tracking number, directly to the tracking system. The software then adds a barcode to the package which enables you to track products, parcels, sensitive documents, and much more. Also, the software is easily accessible on any browser-based system with an Internet connection. Whether you are shipping a parcel from Canada to the UAE, you can be able to track it and eventually know the parcel’s status. This software increases accountability and efficiency while ensuring customer satisfaction.
* SendSuite tracking online
This is also a receiving and tracking software solution that uses cloud technology. It ensures your packages and mails are delivered on time without any complaints. Also, you are able to view received packages that arrive in your organization through the barcode scan. Thereafter, notifications are sent to your customers with status updates of the packages.
The Pitney Bowes receiving and tracking solutions have various purchase plans that best suit your organization’s needs. Our aim is to simplify your tracking choices by saving you time and money while ensuring complete client satisfaction.

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