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About FedEx

FedEx is an American corporation that exports and imports goods. It has been in business for the last 22 years after its incorporation. The corporation also offers courier delivery services, and it has its head offices in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is a short form of Federal Express or FedEx Express because its original air division was known by that name between 1973 and 2000.

FedEx is a household name in matters regarding shipping and parcel deliveries. This company offers different packages for shipping items internationally and locally across the United States. Here, you will learn more about FedEx shipping tracking and services so you can weigh it against its competitors such as USPS, UPS, China Post, EMS, Amazon, and Royal Mail. You will also learn how can assist you with your FedEx freight tracking. Read on.

How to Track a FedEx Package ?

FedEx tracking is an easy process, you can check the status of your shipments 24/7 without having to call FedEx customer service, all you need is the package tracking number.

Method 1 — Using PKGE.NET

  • use the search bar at the top of this page;
  • enter the FedEx tracking number (or tracking code, or ID number) in the search bar, without including any dashes or spaces;
  • click on the Search button;
  • view the history and status information of your package.

After keying in the number FedEx, you can see the item’s current status, origin, destination, and class. With these facts, you will be better placed to act appropriately. Moreover, the tracking service lets you request SMS or email messages about your package’s status updates.

Method 2

  • You have to start the process by composing an email to but don’t include anything in the subject line.
  • In your message’s body, you should indicate your FedEx tracking number – you may track up to 30 tracking numbers in a single mail by entering them in a single line and separating them using commas and spaces. Alternatively, you can enter each number on a separate line.
  • Next, you have to send the email.

Method 3

Alternatively, you can track your order using your FedEx account and reference number. When using this method, you will have to do the following:

  • Write a fresh email to without filling its subject line.
  • Type the word “account” in its message body and then space it before entering your FedEx account number. However, you have to limit one email to a single account number.
  • You may include up to 30 tracking numbers in a single mail by entering them in a single line and separating them using commas and spaces. Alternatively, you may enter each number on a separate line.
  • Lastly, send the email.

Method 4

You can track without a tracking or reference number, get proactive shipment notifications and monitor all your shipment.

With these simple steps, you can track your packages.

Can You Track a Package Without a Tracking Number?

TIn some cases, you may need to trace your packages without a track order number. For instance, if you don’t have access to a tracking number, you can locate your cargo online using your shipment’s reference number. Also, if you have registered for FedEx’s special FedEx InSight® service, you can use it to track packages without a tracking number. Also, you can dial 03456 07 08 09 between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. during weekdays to talk to customer care representatives who will help you trace your incoming cargo. Alternatively, you can use our tracking solutions on the website and get the same results you could have obtained using the above methods.

What Does FedEx Tracking Number Look Like?

The FedEx tracking number format has 12 digits but doesn’t have letters. The FedEx Ground tracking number has 15 numbers without letters. In a few cases, the tracking number may contain 20 or even 22 digits. The numbers can look something like this:

  • 1234 4567 8910
  • 1234 5678 3456 899
  • 1234 0987 7899 7789 2838
  • 8374 3830 2849 2338 9834 28

FedEx Tracking Statuses

While en route, your package will have different statuses appearing in your tracking window. Here are some of them and their meanings.

Status Description

The shipping process has began

Picked up

FedEx has picked the item for shipping

Arrived at FedEx location

An item has reached a FedEx center

Left FedEx origin facility

A parcel has departed from the original facility heading towards its destination

Departed FedEx location

An item has left a given FedEx center

At local FedEx facility

A parcel has arrived at a local center from where the item will finally be dropped at a recipient’s doorsteps

On FedEx vehicle for delivery

The package is onboard heading to its destination

Shipment exception

The package lacks some vital information necessary for shipping. Therefore, it’s exempted from shipping until the sender provides those details to enable successful delivery

In Transit

It means that the item has left the dispatching facility heading towards its final destination


The addressee has received the package

What is FedEx Home Delivery?

It’s a residential shipping service that offers convenient and flexible delivery solutions to recipients. This service covers all of the USA and delivers packages within 1-7 working days. It also has an extra delivery cost to cover that last mile effort.

What is FedEx SmartPost ?

FedEx SmartPost is a hybrid shipping service that utilizes both FedEx's ground shipping network and the USPS.

How does FedEx SmartPost work ?

  • FedEx SmartPost delivers parcels to the post office nearest their final destination.
  • When your shipments arrive at the destination hub, the packages are sorted and moved to the USPS post office.
  • Then, usually the next day, USPS delivers them to customers.

If you opt for this service, you should expect to receive your shipment after 2-7 business days. However, the exact time depends on your destination’s distance from the sender. It operates between Monday and Saturday, with several exceptions.

It doesn’t pick up parcels that originate from outside the contiguous United States

Items exceeding 70 lbs and 130 inches are also exempted hazardous materials.

What Is FedEx Express?

  • Just like its competitors, such as UPS and DHL, FedEx shipping has two primary services that vary by their procedures. These divisions are FedEx Express and FedEx Ground. As the name express implies, this service has a defined delivery time commitment and includes refunds if the item fails to arrive as per that agreed time. Therefore, it’s the best option if you are sending time-sensitive items.

FedEx SenseAware

SenseAware, a FedEx innovation, lets you track your shipment in real time.

SenseAware ID uses a lightweight, compact sensor that transmits precise package location data every two seconds via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to WiFi access points or established gateway devices throughout the FedEx Express network. Packages equipped with the SenseAware ID sensor are tracked fastest of times, which provides an unprecedented amount of real-time data about the location of the shipment.

SenseAware ID will improve the safety, security and timeliness of deliveries – key attributes for packages that contain critical contents such as life-saving pharmaceuticals and emergency medical supplies.

What is FedEx onsite ?

FedEx OnSite is a network of retail locations offering FedEx pickup and delivery services, including the ability to store packages for up to five business days. Customers can find FedEx OnSite at Walgreens and Albertson, Kroger. Customers can also redirect packages to FedEx OnSite or other FedEx locations, including more than 1,900 FedEx offices, using FedEx Delivery Manager.

To find FedEx office locations, visit:

What Time Does FedEx Deliver?

You can expect to receive your package on any day between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday to Saturday. The FedEx Ground service representatives pick up parcels during weekdays across all American states.

How late does FedEx deliver ?

Delivery time

1–5 business days within the contiguous U.S., 3−7 business days to and from Alaska and Hawaii. Check transit times.

Delivery time

1–5 business days within the contiguous U.S.,
3−7 business days to and from Alaska and Hawaii. Check transit times.

Home Delivery

Delivery is between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.
FedEx Ground picks up packages
Monday − Friday.

Evening Home Delivery

Monday–Sunday, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Delivery area

Available throughout all 50 states.

Package size and weight

Up to 150 lbs., 108 in length, 165


Hazardous materials

Convenient delivery options

What Time Does FedEx Close?

FedEx closes its daily operations at 8 p.m. every working day.

Hazardous Materials FedEx ?

Prohibited Hazardous Materials

Class Name
1. Explosives
2. Poisonous Gas
3. Spontaneously Combustible Material
4. Dangerous When Wet
5. Poisonous Materials (Inhalation Hazards)
6. Poisonous Materials (Non-Inhalation Hazards)
7. Infectious Substance
8. Radioactive Material

How to Cancel FedEx Shipment ?

At times you may want to cancel your shipment for various reasons. When that need arises, you don’t have to worry because it’s both easy. To cancel your delivery, you will have to log into the FedEx website. The next stage will be clicking on the “Ship History” icon. Afterward, you will have to select the shipment you want to cancel. Next, you will click on the “Cancel” button.

How to Contact FedEx ? Website
1.800.463.3339 Telephone FedEx U.S. Customer Service
FedEx Virtual Support Assistant Email

The company has customer support numbers for its local and international customers.

  • All international customers can reach the company using the number 03456 07 08 09.
  • International customers who want to reach the company can also contact it using the following UK number on all business days: +44 24 76 706 660.
  • Customers can also reach FedEx through the freight customer service number: 0800 289 747.
  • For sales inquiries, customers can call 08456 016060.
  • For all domestic inquiries, customers can contact FedEx via 03456 00 00 68

Complete contact information for Customer Support Center and InSight Customer Support.