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At the forefront of logistics and technology companies is none other than Amazon. This multi-talented giant based in Seattle has been a trusted source for purchasing and shipping items all over the world. When it comes to making large orders as a company or an individual, Amazon has you covered with its state-of-the-art logistics and tailored solutions for orders of all sizes. All orders come with Amazon tracking, one of the most powerful location services around. An option used by companies of all sizes is Amazon logistics tracking; it will keep a close watch and provide up to the minute info about the location of your package, no matter if shipments are on land, air, or in the sea.


The thing about Amazon is that they do business a little differently than other larger companies of their kind. It is a company that attempts to put its largest forces to work in densely populated areas teaming up with smaller companies in rural regions to provide wider delivery coverage and get things delivered even to the smallest corners of the earth. Their cutting-edge technologies, along with their ability to reach faraway distances in no time, have positioned them several steps above any of their competitors.


Because these guys deal with packages of all sizes traveling across the world, they have taken measures to keep a close watch on where they are going at all times. This is done with a unique identifier assigned to each package, following it throughout its entire journey. As the parcel passes through destinations, this ID is scanned and reported back to the customers, giving them a detailed real-time look into where their items are at all times. An Amazon tracking number comes with each order and is both emailed and added to order tickets.

Amazon delivery tracking number

The format of the Amazon tracking number depends on the carrier. This number usually consists of a few capital letters and numbers:

  1. Shipments to the United States, Mexico and Canada have a tracking number Amazon that begins with TBA, TBM, TBC.
  2. To France, Belgium, the Netherlands among others, the tracking number Amazon begins with CC.
  3. To the United Kingdom, the tracking number Amazon begins with GBA.
  4. To China, the tracking number Amazon begins with the letters RB.
  5. To Australia, the tracking number Amazon begins with the letters ZZ.
  6. To India, the tracking number Amazon begins with the letters ZX.
  7. To Japan, the tracking number Amazon begins with the letters ZY.

How to get Tracking Number from Amazon?

There is an Amazon tracking id with every order. It is not only the company’s way of keeping track of the orders but also the way that information is passed to the customers or businesses shipping large orders. To enjoy the Amazon tracking order service, you will need this number. There are a few ways to find it: one is from the receipt that is sent via email or found at the end of completing an order. For orders of larger-scale placed by companies, there is a unique Amazon logistics tracking number that will follow contents to and fro, assuring that it is on the right path the entire time.

What is Amazon TBA Tracking?

When attempting to track the Amazon logistics package, you may see the status TBA popping up. It means that the order’s contents are within the Amazon system, either held at a logistics center or moving to another one within the company. From the moment when your order takes off to a destination outside of the system, use the Amazon logistics tracking by tracking number to find out where it was last scanned and appeared. TBA Tracking number starts with “TBA”. Example: TBA948883735000.

How to track the Amazon package?

There are three ways to track your shipment using

  1. Enter your tracking ID (TBA number) into the field and press “TRACK”. After that, you will be noticed by this message: “To track your shipment, you need to enter Amazon ORDER”. So enter your order number, for example 114-2513833-4249833. Then press button “+”.
  2. The second way is entering only the order number into the field and pressing “TRACK”. You will see the same tracking information as in the previous item without entering the TBA number.
  3. Sometimes Amazon sends its order using other delivery services, for example, FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc. If it’s so, their tracking number will be sent via email or can be found at the end of completing an order and you can visit a relevant page on our web site to track your order.

How to track Amazon order without tracking number?

If you have placed an order and there is no unique tracking number attached, there are a few ways that you can still get it. For Amazon logistics tracking the USA, a few clicks on the main website will give you the latest details about your package’s location. It is done by visiting your account page and scrolling over to the item which you’re looking for. You can also contact customer care if you have lost the previously received ID.

Why tracking information won't be available on Amazon?

  1. The first scan may be upon arrival at a regional hub near the destination. This is common when shipping volume is high and packages are processed in bulk. Until this first scan, the carrier may not acknowledge receipt of the package.
  2. The first order scan may not be until delivery.
  3. Some shipments, such as Standard International shipments, are not trackable.
  4. Marketplace sellers sometimes don’t provide Amazon with tracking information for their orders.


It may seem like a simple question that comes with a simple answer, but Amazon deals with items of all shapes and sizes and ships them all around the world. For this reason, it really does depend on the weight and contents plus the amount of time it will take for the package to arrive. Prices, however, are competitive with other services of its kind, and there are lower rates for businesses that require bulk shipments.


There are also different options when it comes to choosing the amount of time it takes for packages to reach their destinations. A standard domestic estimate is anywhere from 5 to 8 business days, with international shipments sometimes taking up to 2 weeks.


For larger companies out there, who are taking advantage of Amazon’s logistics services, they can use their Amazon logistics parcel tracking numbers to get up to the minute updates on the location of their shipments.

Using this Amazon logistics number can help keep track of time plus give a better estimate of when the parcels will be on their way. Amazon deliveries are performed from 8 am to 8 pm all week and most of the year.

Does Amazon Logistics deliver on Sunday?

Although Amazon delivers on Sundays, there are some restrictions. For example, customers cannot choose same-day or one-day shipping options on Sundays.

Amazon Tracking FAQ

If my package is delayed will Amazon give me a refund?

Amazon does not typically offer refunds for delayed packages. However, in some cases, Amazon may offer a refund or provide other compensation when a package is significantly delayed. According to Amazon, if you're given a guaranteed delivery date on the checkout page and your order ends up arriving late or not at all, they'll refund you for any shipping costs.

How can you track the status of an international return or refund from Amazon?

You can track the status of your international return or refund request from your Amazon account. Log in to your account, go to the “Orders” page, and select the order that you need to check. Then, click on the “Contact Seller” button to submit a request or ask a question about the return or refund. You can also check the status of the request in the “Your Orders” section.

When does Amazon combine shipments?

Amazon typically combines shipments when you purchase multiple items from the same seller. This allows them to save on shipping costs and improve efficiency. If you have purchased items from multiple sellers, your items may be shipped separately.

When orders for items that you have already purchased are placed, they will be packed together with your other order if the following criteria is met:

  1. Your orders were placed through one account.
  2. Products you order are stored in the same Amazon Fulfillment Center.
  3. All of your purchases will be shipped to the same place.
  4. All orders will be delivered by the date promised by Amazon(The items are projected to ship around the same time).

Is it safe for Amazon Logistics drivers to handle my shipments?

Yes, Amazon Logistics drivers are highly trained and experienced in handling and delivering your shipments safely. All drivers are background checked and must maintain a clean driving record. Additionally, Amazon has safety protocols in place to ensure the safety of drivers and customers.

What companies does Amazon hire for shipping?

Amazon typically uses a variety of shipping carriers and logistics companies, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. Amazon also uses its own delivery service, Amazon Logistics.

What should I do if my AMZL package arrives late?

If your AMZL package arrives late, you can contact Amazon customer service for assistance. You may be eligible for a refund if the package was not delivered within the guaranteed delivery time frame.

What If It shows the package is delivered, but I can't find it?

Amazon’s tracking system is not real-time. If you can’t find your package anywhere, it’s likely still on the way – and will deliver in the next few hours. Otherwise, contact Amazon customer service as soon as possible. Amazon may be able to track the package and help you locate it.

What to Do If Your Amazon Package Delivery Is Late

It is not a common occurrence when dealing with Amazon because technologically speaking, the company is highly advanced and well organized, keeping a close track of contents every step of the way. If it does happen that a shipment is late, the company will compensate for the delay by offering up to $10 Amazon credit.

Can I pick up the package up somewhere besides my house?

Now there are more options than ever when it comes to getting the items you want in hand. Apart from front door delivery, the option of easy pickup at one of several Amazon lockers or pickup stations is currently available.

If I’m not in, what will happen to my package?

If an Amazon Logistics driver arrives at your door and nobody is home, the driver will typically leave a note asking you to contact them as soon as possible to arrange a new delivery time. There could be another attempt, or you can opt for pickup at your nearest locker or pickup site. You will receive a notification either way that will list your options for rescheduling if needed.

Where is my Amazon Logistics' package?

You can track the progress of your Amazon Logistics package from your Amazon account. You can log in to your account, go to the “Orders” page, and select the order that you need to check. Then, click on the “Track Package” button to view the progress of the package.


Things happen, and though Amazon has squashed many problems that are common with deliveries, they can’t prepare for life. If you see a message about a carrier delay, this could mean several things. It could be an unforeseen circumstance like car trouble, weather delays, traffic, or many other things that are holding up delivery.


If you haven’t heard anything in 48 hours, the first thing you should do is login and look up the last known location of your package. If questions remain, give the company a shout or file a claim for lost contents. Amazon is great when it comes to customer care, and they will surely make it up to you if this happens.


Returns are a piece of cake. You can do everything online, even selecting for Amazon to come to your location and take the parcel off your hands. Simply visit your orders section, select which items you want to return, and set up a pickup time.


If you’re fascinated by the way that this company does business and would like to become a part of the globally expanding delivery business, the process is simple. You will first need to fill out some paperwork and applications, along with a training session to learn the ways of the delivery world inside out. If everything checks out, you can expect a phone call and a potential visit to make things more concrete before setting up your own Amazon branch.


There are a few ways to get a hold of Amazon. One is via email, and another is with a live chat option available on the website. Either way, someone is always there to answer your questions. There are also phone numbers, a whole list of them that will get you right where you need, without lots of unnecessary transfers or wait times.

Amazon Customer Support Phone Number

The list of phone numbers is long. You can choose to speak to customer care in general by calling 1-888-280-4331. It is the customer care department in general and may require that you’ve transferred a few times before getting to where you need to go. No matter the case, you will speak to a live operator.

Amazon Email Support

If talking on the phone isn’t your thing, and you’d like to get answers to your questions with an email, you can opt to send one to It is an email for general inquiries where an agent will get right to it, directing you to the right place or getting you in touch with the right person to clear up any doubts.

Amazon Live Chat Support

Live chat is the preferred method of contact for most people. To use the live chat feature for questions or concerns about your orders or account, simply log in. A chatbox can be found on the screen where you can start up a chat with an agent who will respond in seconds. The chat feature is free, easy, and hassle-free, helping you get the answers to your questions in no time.