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When it’s up to delivery services, we need to admit we need them everywhere. In the modern world with the development of e-commerce and remote deals post services are indispensable, and this works for both individuals and businesses. What is the Courier Guy service, and what are its peculiarities in working with different needs? Look below.

What is The Courier Guy delivery service?

Courier Guy is a service that covers South African territories and works internationally. It is the largest shipping company providing delivery services in South Africa. The main figures describing the scale of their work are the following:

  • 2200 drivers conduct nationwide delivery;
  • 2500 people in general working to provide smooth shipping;
  • 15500 people who benefit from trading opportunities with The Courier Guy;
  • 22 depots all over the country;
  • 170 kiosks allowing to receive and send packages;
  • 1100 Pudo lockers throughout the national territories;
  • 14 000 000 successful deliveries in 2021 only.

Thus, the service provides smooth opportunities for sending and getting what people need.

Tracking the Courier Guy parcels

If you wonder where your parcel is and if everything is OK with the delivery process, a tracking system may be helpful. The best way to track the packages from The Courier Guy is to use the universal TCG tracker. To find out the main information about your parcels, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. See the search bar on the main page – enter the tracking codes you’d like to check out.
  3. Press “Enter”.
  4. Read the info.

If you need to look for many packages at a time, you can use simultaneous search by entering the codes divided by a comma. Use all the benefits of the TCG tracking platform in your personal account. It allows you to look through your search results that are saved five more days after you searched them. To use the service on the go, install the mobile app – Pkge is available for Android and iOS.

Where to look for your Courier Guy tracking number?

All the parcels you can track have tracking codes that serve to register the parcel as it passes the “checkpoint”. To find this code, you can use the following sources:

  • if you’re a sender – look at the cheque the post office gave you;
  • if you’re a receiver – most often you can find it in the confirmation e-mail or in the messages where the sender informs you the package has been handed over to the delivery service;
  • it’s also possible to find the tracking number at the check for parcel insurance if you have bought one;
  • if you ordered some goods through online shops, some of them offer full order information in the personal accounts – your tracking No. can be there;
  • the sticky labels that are assigned and attached to the parcels have tracking IDs.

In the case of using an individual account on a retail shop website, you should differentiate tracking numbers from order numbers. The tracking ID is assigned by the courier, while order IDs help the shop with managing its data and may not work as a code for courier parcel tracking. Some shops offer online order trackers on their websites, but it doesn’t mean these codes will work on any other platform.

How to learn where your Courier Guy package is at the moment?

When a package is sent, the route for the delivery is already known. Depending on the carrier services, they can include the information about the exact location in the other status data they assign to the parcels. So if you need to know where your Courier Guy shipment is at the moment, most likely you will be able to learn it from the service.

Is it possible to trace the parcel from The Courier Guy without a tracking number?

Tracking IDs are the main tools to trace the packages, and without them, the search will be extremely complicated. So if you want to know how the delivery is going, it’s better to find or restore it from the related data.

For example, it can be possible to learn your tracking ID from your order number. For this, you need to contact your sender and ask to look for the order info to find the code. If you ordered a door-to-door delivery, it can be possible to restore the code by the information about your address. For this, you also need to contact the carrier support center.

How to solve popular problems?

With any delivery, there are situations when some problems may arise. The following paragraphs tell what to do in possible problematic circumstances.

Why does the status or location of The Courier Guy parcel not change?

When looking for how the parcel status changes over time, consider the following:

  • When a sender has just given the package to the carrier, the workers need time to register the item in the system. Before it happens, about two days can pass, so don’t worry and wait a little bit.
  • The reason can be that the sender still holds the item. Consider that the moment of handing over depends on how fast you pay for the product if it’s a business day or you make a purchase right before the weekend, etc. Certain retailers can also have particular days when they send parcels, so look or ask for this kind of information.
  • Some services for shipping products may not involve tracking opportunities. The brightest example is Aliexpress cheap-product shipping which happens through unregistered mail so it’s not possible to track a parcel as it leaves China. Make sure you use a service with tracking availability.
  • Possibly the tracking number has a mistake. Check out if you entered all the codes correctly, and if everything is well – ask a sender to inform you about your tracking code once more.
  • The system has lagged at the moment. It may involve problems with the courier databases, server errors, and many other problems with digital composites. Wait until the service fixes the problem and try again later.

In most cases, these situations are easy to solve. If your problem is more complicated, contact customer service to solve the issue.

What is the ground for The Courier Guy to refuse to accept a parcel?

The delivery service can refuse to accept or deliver your package as the necessary conditions do not correspond to the courier requirements. Simply put, your parcel can:

  • not correspond to the packaging requirements for safe delivery;
  • be not paid partly or in full;
  • not meet the Terms and Conditions about which items are forbidden to be delivered.

These issues are the most frequent, though other situations are also possible. As you fix the inconveniences so that the package corresponds to courier requirements, The Courier Guy will ship what you need.

How to understand The Courier Guy tracking status?

As the tracking opportunity is available, some people may be curious about the more detailed meaning of the statuses they see on tracking platforms. Some of the most popular statuses used by The Courier Guy are presented below.

“In transit”

The status that you will see the most frequently. This indicator means the parcel is moving from point A to point B.

Why is your Courier Guy package still in transit?

The parcel can be in transit for a long time because of varied reasons. The most obvious is that the route between the checkpoints is long and it takes more time to make it. Long transit can also mean the driver has some issues that cause delays – weather, accident, road restrictions, etc. Most often such obstacles are considered force majeure when the driver and other workers cannot influence the delivery conditions.

What’s the time limit for a Thecourierguy package to be in transit?

The limits vary depending on what kind of delivery you ordered. If your package moves by local delivery, the limit for “in transit” status is 3 days. As for international shipping, the status normal display is limited to 5 days. If something went wrong and it caused some delays or other issues, the delivery service will most probably inform you through e-mail notification or in any other way. If you learn the information instantly, contact customer support.


The main meaning for this status is “being processed in a facility”. The conditions depend on where on the route your package is.

The reasons for The Courier Guy package to be pending

Some of the main reasons for this status to be reflected for quite a long time include shipping delays, digital systems failure, customs checkout, and other factors. Most often the issues are solved within two days.

“Out for delivery”

Roughly said, this status means your package is in transit for the last time, and it goes to the final destination point from the facility. When the package is out for delivery, it means it will come by the evening on the same business day. If some troubles happen to the delivery man or the parcel, the status may change to “in transit” again.

What to do if you weren’t at home when the delivery was and missed it?

If the delivery was not successful, the package goes back to the facility of distribution. The peculiarity of The Courier Guy service is that you can sign that you accepted the parcel only with the tech that couriers have, so the parcels cannot just be left at your door or to neighbors.

How to act if you did not receive The Courier Guy parcel?

You may not get your package in time, and that can mean the following:

  • the delay takes place so you need to figure out the predicted timeframes for the delivery;
  • the package went to the wrong address, so the carrier takes responsibility and takes care of redirection;
  • the package got lost, and the carrier provides a refund according to the delivery Terms and Conditions.

The action of the recipient in all cases is to contact customer service and ask for the salvation of the problem.

How to find out if The Courier Guy shipment is detained at customs?

Usually, if the package is retained by customs, you can understand it by the long “in transit” status or direct indication that the customs check is happening. If the package did not pass customs, the delivery service must notify the recipient and act further as the Terms and Conditions suggest. In case you suppose the problems at customs happened, contact customer service to learn the details.

How long does it take The Courier Guy to deliver?

Shipping timeframes depend on the services chosen. The Courier Guy offers the following deadlines for local, national, and international services:

  • economy delivery option is divided into central and regional, which corresponds to a limit of 4 and 5 days respectively;
  • as you order overnight delivery locally, it takes up to 16 hrs;
  • the same-day local delivery service takes up to 6 hrs;
  • the intercity overnight carriage takes up to 2 days for central and 3 days for regional areas;
  • Pudo delivery takes no more than 4 days;
  • International shipping is completed within 7 days max.

Please note that the service counts business days only.

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

Much depends on the weekday, collection and registration time, and other factors that determine the work of the courier. If you want to receive your local overnight parcel as soon as possible, you need to hand it over by 1 pm the day before you need it to be received. The next day, expect the delivery before 11 am.

As we mentioned above, same-day delivery takes up to six hours during business hours. Consider that if you need to obtain your package in the evening of the same day for sure, you should hand the parcel over by 11 am. Usually, it takes less time for local delivery, but much depends on situational conditions.

The latest hour for The Courier Guy to deliver

The working day of The Courier Guy carriers begins at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. So the latest you can get the parcel during the day is five o’clock in the evening, and the latest day during the week -- is Friday. The schedule 8 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri is common for central branches, so to learn your local specificities, look for them in corresponding sources.

International delivery timeframes for The Courier Guy

As we have mentioned above, International delivery service takes up to 7 business days normally. Consider that force majeure, customs check, and other obstacles may cause delays.

For how long does The Courier Guy retain packages?

If you weren’t at home when your package arrived, it goes back to the distribution center. This facility will hold your parcel for up to 7 days. As the receiver didn’t pick it up, it goes back to the sender.

Is The Courier Guy delivery service fast?

Considering the peculiarities of how delivery service works, The Courier Guy provides the best service speed in South Africa. The company claims to handle any delivery within 7 business days (which equals up to 11 calendar days depending on the day of departure) and provides considerate same-day and overnight local services.

Is it possible to trace The Courier Guy shipments by address?

To conduct The Courier Guy track the shipments by yourself, you need a tracking ID to use it. If you only have the destination address, you need to contact the customer support center for them to help you find out your The Courier Guy parcel tracking number or find the parcel.

The Courier Guy's contact information

The Courier Guy delivery cares for their customers to stay confident about their package delivery. So to help customers quickly, they offer the following channels for communication:

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For instant communication with a support representative, use the chat window on the website.
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