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CanPar Express, a leading Canadian courier and small parcel shipping company, was founded in 1976. Acquired by TFI International in 2002, CanPar Express operates with over 1,700 members, 55+ terminals, and more than 800 SMARTSpot locations nationwide, offering a range of services including Ground, Express, USA Delivery, International, and Premium Services.

How to track my Canpar package?

Tracking Canpar packages is straightforward. You can use a tracking number, delivery notice, pickup tag, or reference number. For reference numbers, you'll need to input the destination postal code or shipper number.

Through the Official Canpar Website

Track your Canpar package on the official Canpar Express website by selecting the "Tracking" tab and choosing your preferred tracking method. Enter the correct Canpar tracking number and click "Track" to view the real-time status of your shipment.

Through PKGE.NET

PKGE.NET offers an alternative tracking solution for Canpar packages, providing detailed tracking information and updates in real-time.

Canpar Express Tracking Number Format

Canpar Express uses a 22-digit tracking number consisting of one letter and 21 numbers. Examples include D576005060000106687001 and D420009190000015983001.

Canpar Tracking

Canpar tracking allows you to monitor the real-time progress of your package throughout its delivery journey using the unique tracking number assigned to your parcel.

Canpar Express Tracking

Canpar Express Tracking provides fast and accurate tracking for urgent shipments, ensuring expedited delivery across Canada.

Canpar Ground Tracking

Canpar Ground is an ideal choice for reliable, economical deliveries across Canada, offering consistent pick-ups and delivery times.

Canpar International Tracking

Canpar International Tracking caters to shipments outside Canada, providing customers with real-time updates on their international parcels.

Canpar Tracking FAQs

Canpar's FAQ section addresses common queries regarding package tracking, delivery times, and services offered.

When does Canpar deliver?

Canpar delivers as early as 10 AM and as late as 8 PM local time, seven days a week. Delivery times for business addresses are typically by 6 PM local time.

I missed Canpar delivery. What should I do?

If you miss a Canpar delivery, you can use the delivery notice number to track your package and find the pickup location. If necessary, contact Canpar customer service for assistance.

What does Canpar "Out for delivery" mean?

This status indicates that your package is on the way and Canpar is shipping your parcel to the final destination.

How long does Canpar take to deliver?

Canpar offers overnight delivery services in Canada, with most shipments arriving within 24 to 48 hours. Delivery times vary from region to region.

Why is Canpar tracking not updating?

If Canpar tracking is not updating, it may be due to an overload at the sorting hub or a delay in scanning. Wait a little and try tracking again.

What should I do if the Canpar tracking number not working?

If your Canpar tracking number is not working, confirm that the number is correct with your retailer/sender and try tracking again.

The different tracking statuses Canpar

To track Canpar packages, you’ll need to understand tracking statuses. They include the following ones.

Tracking Status


Arrival at terminal/hub from bulk/ city trailer.

This status means that your package has been received at the Canpar hub or terminal from a city or bulk trailer. 

Extra care

This status means your package has undergone special handling to ensure it is delivered safely.

Sort through facility

The package has been sorted at the Canpar facility and is ready for delivery. 

Departing terminal/hub via linehaul

The package is leaving the Canpar facility and is being shipped to the next address.

With courier

This status means that your package is on the way - Canpar is shipping your parcel to the final destination.


This status means that your package has arrived at the final destination. You can go and pick it up. 

How do I contact Canpar?

Contact Canpar Express customer service at 1-800-387-9335, available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 9 PM. You can also email them at For technical support related to their electronic shipping system, call 1-866-588-1488. Live chat is available on their website Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM EST.