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What is HMM?

HMM (formerly known as Hyundai Merchant Marine) is a major global shipping and logistics company based in South Korea. With a fleet of over 100 vessels, HMM specializes in transporting cargo to various ports worldwide, playing a crucial role in the economic development of Korea. The company offers real-time tracking of containers, enhancing supply chain and logistics optimization for businesses.

Tracking my Hmm parcel online

To track your HMM parcel online, you can use the HMM tracking number provided at the time of shipment. This number can be entered on HMM's official tracking website or on a universal tracking platform like PKGE for detailed and up-to-date tracking information.

HMM tracking number format

The HMM tracking number format typically consists of a combination of letters and numbers. It is a unique identifier for each container, allowing for precise tracking of shipments.

How can I track HMM via PKGE?

You can use PKGE platform for a more comprehensive Hyundai Marine Merchant tracking. PKGE provides detailed tracking information, making it easier to monitor your HMM shipments compared to the standard tracking service.

HMM shipping services

HMM offers a variety of shipping services to meet different needs:

  • Expedited Shipping: For time-sensitive deliveries requiring fast transit times.
  • Priority Shipping: Offers a balance between speed and cost, suitable for important shipments.
  • Economy Shipping: A cost-effective option for less urgent shipments.
  • Standard Shipping: Regular shipping service with standard transit times.

HMM delivery times

HMM's delivery times vary based on the shipping service chosen and the destination. The company strives to provide timely and efficient transport of goods, with real-time tracking to ensure accurate delivery schedules.

Contact HMM

For any inquiries or assistance related to HMM container tracking, customers can contact HMM's customer service through various channels provided on their official website or by calling their dedicated support numbers.