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OCA Argentina facts and tracking

OCA is one of the largest postal and logistics companies in Argentina with over 60 years of experience. Organización Coordinadora Argentina (OCA) was established in 1957 in the province of Cordoba, Argentina. OCA has gone a long way from the service management establishment for IKA (Industrias Kaiser Argentina) to the huge company with dozens of branches all over the country.

OCA: a trustful Argentinian carrier

OCA has a clear quality policy. The company pays much attention to the needs of their customers and is always eager to achieve their loyalty. This is reached with the help of an expanded distribution network, streamlined technological processes, and innovative tools.

Currently, OCA Argentina is owned by Grupo RHUO and is composed of:

  • 150 branches situated all over the country (mostly in the main urban centers);
  • 1,146 official agents which are authorized points promoting OCA products;
  • 900 vehicles that make the shipment process fast and efficient;
  • more than 6,500 educated and trained employees.

OCA Argentina is engaged in the shipment of various cargos: from simple letters to bulky packages. They also offer e-commerce services for online buyers and sellers.

OCA tracking services

Company users get access to the OCA tracking system on the official website. The platform has got a comfortable, user-friendly interface and handy services to calculate the cost of your future shipment, track package movements and change the details of your order. To use such extras like the last one, you need to register on their website.

OCA tracking number is provided with every order, and it is easy to monitor the actual location of your parcel on the OCA track page on their website. For those who would like to use mobile phone for tracking, the app is available. OCA Mobile application provides the client with details and real-time notifications of the current status of every parcel. Unfortunately, the app is only available on the Google Play platform.

OCA tracking with Pkge.net

Another option to track OCA parcels is to use Pkge.net. This service is considered to be the best option for many clients due to the ease and comfort of use. All you need to do is to complete registration, login and enter your OCA tracking number. As you might know, when the shipment is proceeding through the customs, it goes to another postal carrier. The tracking ID is changed then. If you want to continue tracking the status of your package, you need to get a new ID and enter it on the website of a new carrier. This may cause inconvenience as different websites have various interfaces, and they may malfunction or have no translation to your language.

The advantage of using Pkge.net is the fact that you only enter your OCA tracking code. Our tracking system will show all the details of your parcel from the very beginning to the time it reaches you.