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ABOUT Southeastern Freight Lines

Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL) is a leading provider in the freight and logistics sector, known for its exceptional Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipping services across the southeastern United States. Founded in 1950, SEFL has established a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient transportation solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction, SEFL leverages advanced technology and a dedicated team to ensure shipments reach their destinations safely and on time.

How to track my SEFL shipment?

Tracking your SEFL shipment is straightforward. Visit the SEFL official website, navigate to the "TRACING" section, and enter your southeastern freight lines tracking number. This number could be a Pro Number, Bill of Lading Number, or any other reference number provided by SEFL. For an enhanced tracking experience, platforms like PKGE offer real-time updates and comprehensive tracking information for SEFL shipments and other carriers.

SEFL Tracking Number Format

The SEFL tracking number is a unique identifier for your shipment, typically consisting of letters and numbers, such as AB