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Today’s e-commerce is booming, and more clients select buying directly from the producer instead of purchasing products from resellers in their local stores. Such a decision is wise because numerous global platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and others have much lower prices than the local distributors in other countries charge for the same products. So, why should the absence of direct delivery from these websites stop you from purchasing the wanted items? This is where Shipito comes in handy as your intermediary in U.S. shopping.

The company specializes on direct purchases from U.S. stores like Amazon, Disney, Sephora, GAP, 6pm, H&M, and many others, and enables clients from Russia to get those goods directly to their home address without the need to travel to the USA. Shipito has three large warehouses – two in the USA and one in Austria – to handle international shipments for their clientele. However, it is noteworthy that Shipito can process only shipments up to 32 kg, with maximum dimensions of 108 inches (273.32cm3) in volume.

Advantages of Working with Shipito

Due to its narrow specialization, Shipito has few competitors in the market of direct shopping and shipping of products from the USA to Russia. Thus, it offers a series of indisputable advantages that many Russian shoppers enjoy:

  • easy and quick shopping in the USA;
  • quick, reliable, and affordable service packages;
  • responsive and truly effective 24/7 support;
  • timely registration of clients’ packages at the warehouse;
  • flawless everyday operation;
  • transparent and reliable service;
  • low charges for delivery due to package consolidation and lifted sales tax;
  • 90 days of free warehouse storage;
  • no monthly fees for standard accounts.

All these advantages speak strongly in favor of choosing Shipito as your trusted U.S. shopper with a convenient delivery scheme right to your local postal office.

Shipito Tracking

As soon as Shipito processes the parcel for any client, that item receives its unique postal tracking ID referred to as the Shipito tracking number. Clients receive that identifying information to be able to monitor the route of their package and to understand when to expect it at their local postal service. This information enables them to stay always aware of their parcel’s location and to rest assure that everything is OK with their shipment.

Shipito online tracking with

Once any international tracking is available for customers, they wait for their packages more patiently and comfortably, knowing that the parcels are on their way with no delays, confusions, and losses. Clients ordering their goods from Shipito can also track their parcels with with the help of their Shipito tracking number. To do so, the user needs to take only a couple of simple steps – register on the site, go to the “Shipito” page and enter the unique identifying information about the package in the corresponding tab.

The carrier provides opportunities for parcel tracking at its official site, which is quite handy for the users and enables advanced monitoring of the shipment’s status in real time.