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Postal corporations still play a significant role in sending to and receiving packages from Colombia. One such company within Colombia is its national postal corporation called 4-72. However, Colombia Post has undergone some bad and rough times in the hands of past regimes that mismanaged it. For instance, at one time it became a heavy pension burden to the taxpayer before being revamped. But all the same, the state corporation still offers postal services to the country’s public and private sectors.

Besides, Colombia as many other courier companies offering the same services. Some of the private firms operating in the South American country include Avianca, Deprisa, and Servientrega. For those seeking to receive packages in Colombia, they have options. For example, they can receive them via DHL in case they want guaranteed delivery speed and reliable deliveries. However, the recipient should be prepared to let the country’s customs staff to open their packages and charge high custom duties. For those who are not in a rush, they can receive their packages through regular mail services that at times, can take up to two months before arrival. Also, personal identification is mandatory for all shipments from Colombia.

According to the Colombia Post website, you can expect to get the following services for local and international use:

  • Document delivery;
  • Package delivery such as air and land business parcels;
  • Mass letter and parcel delivery;
  • Postal payment services such as national and international money orders, Moneygram, and refills;
  • International shipping;
  • Document management;
  • Geographical information;
  • Telegram;
  • Insurance;
  • Packing.

Colombia Post: How It Works

The rise of ICT and its inclusion in the shipment of goods have enhanced and transformed how people wait for their parcels. Formerly, our parents used to wait for their parcels without knowing their ware about until the arrival date. Therefore, it was difficult to know if indeed the cargo was on the way coming or not. This lack of Colombia Post tracking ability sentenced them to a waiting season of worry especially if they were expecting sensitive items.

However, the emergence of tracking tools has made it easy to track the progress and status items. With simple smartphones and other mobile gadgets, it’s easy to track any item. How does it happen? In very simple steps. You can use the special code that comes with an item to track it along the way. For example, you can use this special 13-number code to track the item from the ecommerce website of the seller you bought from.

Alternatively, you can use tracking tools to track your cargo. You only have to use that tracking code by keying it in a special window that pops out. After entering your it, the system will need a few seconds to define your postal service, whether it’s Colombia Post, UK Mail, Aliexpress Shipping, or any other carrier available across the globe, and search it. Immediately, you will get the search results.

Why should you sentence yourself to worry about your incoming shipment? Try our tracking website today to wait for your items confidently and with peace of mind.