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What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a global online retail service that was launched in 2010 and in less than a decade, it is one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, a worthy adversary of Amazon and eBay. A business initially launched as a B2B shopping platform, it later expanded to cover B2C and C2C shopping options. At present, the company services clients across the globe; the overwhelming majority of merchants on the platform are Chinese, but Chinese consumers cannot purchase goods from it.

Where can I track my Aliexpress order?

You can track an Aliexpress order in one of the following ways:

How to track an order from Aliexpress?

To track your order, all you need is the tracking number. Once you have it:

  • Use the search bar at the top of this page;
  • Enter the Aliexpress tracking number in the search bar;
  • Click on the Search button;
  • View the history and status information of your order.

After keying in the number, you can see the item’s current status, origin, destination, and class.

How do I track an AliExpress order?

  • Open AliExpress website;
  • Login with your email address and password;
  • Go to "My AliExpress" and then click on "My Orders";
  • Find which item you want to track and then click on "View Detail".

Why can't I track my AliExpress order?

  1. The seller didn't send the package. If your package didn't arrive by the promised time, you need to open a dispute to apply for a refund.
  2. You are using the order number instead of the tracking number. To find out the correct tracking number, please check the email you received from the seller.
  3. The seller shipped the package and gave you the tracking number, but the status of the package has not yet been updated in the postal service. Wait 1-3 days after sending your order and then check the status again.
  4. The seller gave you the wrong tracking number.
    Contact the seller, tell them your order number and ask them to find the correct tracking number for your package.
  5. Your package was sent by regular mail, it does not have a track number, so it can only be tracked in China.
  6. The seller sent your parcel by Singapore Post, and you are checking the China Post website. Use the service to track your order.

AliExpress Shipping Methods

The gist of using AliExpress as a shopping platform is finding an enormous product range at much lower prices than those local retailers provide. But as in most international online shopping platforms, shipping costs may at times exceed the actual cost of the product. For premium-level and expensive items, AliExpress shipping costs may be reasonable and not problematic at all. But customers paying a couple of cents for some trifle do not want to pay three to ten times more for its delivery! Thus, to fit the needs of both buyer categories, the platform offers two distinct types of shipping – standard and premium shipping options.

AliExpress Standard Shipping

Merchants on the platform provide free AliExpress standard shipping on almost all items. The client may check all available shipping options in the “Shipping” section of any item’s description. To get accurate information about shipping methods available specifically for you, please complete the registration procedure first and indicate your postal address.

Free shipments are usually processed by China Post, Singapore Post, Finland Posti, SPSR, Direct Link or Yanwen, but those choosing this option should be patient. Free delivery is much lengthier than the paid one, so be ready to wait for your parcel from three weeks to two months, depending on the speed of order’s dispatch and the carrier. Free carriers provide AliExpress standard shipping tracking, so even if you don’t want to pay any extra for the shipment, you will still have a chance to monitor the package’s route. Just enter the AliExpress standard shipping track code in the corresponding tab at the carrier’s official website

AliExpress Premium Shipping

For those who don’t want to wait for months and need their items faster, as well as for buyers acquiring fragile or expensive products (like equipment, mobile phones, etc.), AliExpress premium shipping is a better option. This shipment method is quicker; products spend less time at the customs. Carriers that traditionally execute premium shipping at AliExpress include UPS, USPS, FedEx, EMS, and DHL. Moreover, AliExpress shipping tracking is also available for these items, and the estimated delivery time reduces to 1-3 weeks.

AliExpress Shipping: Delivery Terms

Here everything is quite simple; AliExpress, as any other e-commerce platform, requires clients to register before doing any shopping and indicate their billing and shipping details. Once the shoppers select products to their liking, they should click on the “order” button and proceed to placing the order. There they are offered a number of shipping options (standard and premium, with prices and delivery periods indicated for each) and select the payment method. After the order is processed and paid, the client receives corresponding email notifications. Upon the order’s dispatch, the client gets a message with the unique AliExpress tracking number.

How long does AliExpress take to ship ?

  1. Payment will be verified by AliExpress within 1 - 24 hours.
  2. It takes 1 - 5 working days to process the orders.
  3. It takes 1 - 2 working days for logistics providers to sort parcels and scan the barcode of tracking numbers after picking up.
  4. It takes 3 - 5 working days by DHL HK.
  5. It takes 4 - 8 working days by DHL UK (European Union Express).
  6. It takes 13 – 25 calendar days by Meest.
  7. It takes 15 - 60 calendar days by AliExpress Standard Shipping (Singapore Post, Hongkong Post, Sweden Post, Posti Finland, POS Malaysia, Estonia Post (Omniva), PostNL, Correos Spain, Ukrposhta, UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, TOLL, e-EMS, ePacket, China Post Registered Air Mail, China Post Air Parcel, China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, HongKong Post Air Mail, HongKong Post Air Parcel, Swiss Post, Russian Post, Special Line-YW, DHL Global Mail and S.F. Express.
  8. Shipping may be delayed due to any of the following uncontrollable events: Bad Weather, Holiday, Airport Security Check and Customs Inspection.

How long does it take for my package to arrive from AliExpress Shipping?

Packages that are sent with AliExpress Standard Shipping usually take 15 to 45 working days, whereas Aliexpress Premium Shipping will provide an estimated delivery time from 7 to 15 working days.

Order Status for AliExpress: What Does It Mean?

All items ordered from AliExpress have their statuses depending on which you may understand where your order is.

  • Awaiting payment – this status means that you have just made the order and have not yet paid for it, so AliExpress tracking is definitely unavailable for it.
  • Payment verification pending – you have produced payment, but it has not yet reached the merchant.
  • Waiting shipment – the payment went through successfully and is being prepared for dispatch.
  • In the process of delivery – the parcel is on its way and can already be tracked via AliExpress tracking.
  • Finished – the order reached the recipient and is closed.

These order statuses are OK and seeing them means that the order progresses normally. But if you see such statuses as “frozen,” “canceled” or “closed,” it’s time to contact the merchant – something went wrong, and you may claim a refund.

How to Track AliExpress Standard Shipping

Many clients ask, “How to track my order on AliExpress?” Their concerns are understandable, and the platform has enabled an easy and quick system for tracking AliExpress orders right from the buyer’s personal cabinet. Other options include AliExpress tracking of packages at the carrier’s website or at a unified resource like

From “My Orders” in the Account

Once your order is shipped, you get the AliExpress tracking order number to your email. You can also see it in the “my orders” section at the website. Please note that AliExpress does not provide tracking information; to get it, you need to proceed to the carrier’s website and conduct AliExpress tracking there.

Via can provide accurate and timely updates about your AliExpress shipping process. All you need to do is complete a simple registration process and insert all your tracking IDs into the personal cabinet. We’ll inform you once the status is updated and we have any news about your shipment. is a convenient option for shoppers who buy goods at various websites and track numerous packages shipped by various carriers at the same time. No need to register at each website and conduct tracking separately – we are your one-stop shop for all tracking data.

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