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Global commerce dictates the new rules of collaboration and networking, with more and more shipping companies providing e-shops and shopping platforms with attractive partnership solutions. At this point, Dimex is worth mentioning as a one-stop solution for hundreds of thousands of online merchants, a carrier servicing millions of customers every month.

The company was founded in 1998 in Russia; it still functions here and provides its API to numerous shopping platforms and e-commerce websites. The Dimex staff now accounts approximately 4,000 persons; the carrier is physically present in 3,000 Russian cities and covers over 200 countries with its international shipping services. There are over 100 offices of Dimex and over 1,000 of its regional subsidiaries across the country. The vehicle park of Dimex includes over 1,000 items conducting daily transportation of mail and shipments domestically and to the neighboring countries.

Benefits of Working with Dimex

As any other long-standing carrier with a solid reputation in its area, Dimex also boasts some valuable advantages that it offers to loyal, trusting clients. Some of them include:

  • A large number of booked monthly flights and large throughput of shipment volumes per month;
  • Servicing of over 300,000 organizations;
  • A strong focus on innovation and technical advancement;
  • Responsiveness and flexibility toward business needs and client requirements.

Dimex Shipping Tracking

The ability to conduct postal service tracking lies at the basis of any modern carrier’s reliability and customer’s trust. Since the time of a shipment’s departure from the seller’s warehouse to the shopper’s doorstep may be quite long, there is a need for additional guarantees of the parcel’s arrival. This is what the postal tracking is needed for; clients may rest assured that their shipments are on their way and may check their compliance with the estimated delivery date online. Such post tracking option increases the transparency of shipping services and helps clients to identify any troubles and delays with their shipments early on, until the problem gets serious enough for them to lose their merchandise.

Dimex also provides the international package tracking information for its clients to control their package’s route and make sure that everything goes well. The carrier provides two options to track your order – either by the Dimex parcel tracking ID or by the receipt ID from your online shop. You can enter any of this information in the box appearing once you click the tab “tracking” on the carrier’s official website, and once you provide the ID, the carrier’s system will give all latest information on the order’s status and progression towards the recipient.

Dimex Tracking with Pkge.net

With a rich arsenal of international package tracking tools at Pkge.net, you can always get all relevant information on Dimex parcel tracking. All you need to do is register at our website and click on the tab with the logo of Dimex. After that, you will be redirected to the page asking to insert the Dimex tracking number. You’ll get all relevant data on your parcel right after completing these simple steps.