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Postal services are critical to the movement of goods between individuals and companies in Latvia. Moreover, this movement facilitates economic growth and development. Therefore, the government of Latvia established Latvia Post to facilitate the easy and free shipment of parcels and letters. This corporation is Latvia’s national postal services provider. It exists to provide high-quality postal addresses across Latvia and internationally. Its mailmen offer delivery services to the remotest villages and to any address across the world.

Besides offering conventional postal services, the corporation is seeking to develop new and innovative solutions to its customers. It seeks to make parcel and mail delivery easy and convenient for all its users. For example, its postal branches allow Latvians to change their local currency into Euros. This sense of innovation follows the liberalization of the postal services in the country in 2013. Therefore, Latvia Post remains committed to its core mission with a sense of responsibility towards its customers, the society, the environment, and employees.

But how can you be sure of the status of your parcel? Yes, you can be sure because Latvia Post tracking is possible. Below is how you can track your orders.

Latvia Post Tracking: How Does It Happen?

Doing business in the 21st century is a breeze compared to what our forefathers underwent in the previous generations. For example, they had no way of tracking their mails or parcels. Then, the sender and recipient only needed to wait until the end of the delivery deadline. Therefore, the two parties had to sit with crossed fingers.

However, the dawn of information technology has changed the script. With parcel tracking, it’s now easy for a recipient to trace their cargo’s status. Modern tracking is only possible with a special Latvia Post tracking number. This tracking number is a special code for each package. If it’s a local shipment, it will have thirteen numbers. However, international shipments have special codes that mix letters and numbers. You can get this code from the sender or by visiting the ecommerce website of the online shop you shopped from. provides you with an easy and simple way of tracking your parcel. You can visit our Latvia Post tracking site to verify your parcel’s status. To track your package, you will need to key in your shipment’s ID in a special form. The system will search, define, and track your order details. After a few seconds, we will give you all the information you need to track your order. Afterwards, you can sit relaxed and wait for your order to arrive at your designated post office.

Who said that tracking your order should give you sleepless nights? With our tracking solutions, you can join many other happy and relaxed recipients. Our system allows you to track your postal package instantly using your special tracking code, no matter whether you’re having an order delivered by Latvia Post, Australia Post, China Post, or EMS. Moreover, it is easy and convenient for use by any person as long as you can browse the Internet. So, we welcome you to try our tracking solution today.