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Moldova Post is a government-owned postal corporation in the Republic of Moldova providing mail delivery and logistics services. It began operations in April 1993 after the independence of Moldova, intending to improve the effectiveness of postal services and telecommunications in the country. Currently, it is a leading company offering delivery services both locally and globally. It has 1146 postal offices, 37 branches, providing services to 1527 localities in Moldova.

Moldova Post stays abreast with advanced technologies to provide its customers with an efficient and modern postal solution. Its primary services include mailing letters, parcel delivery services, and EMS items. Other services include money transfers, collection of payments, and pension schemes. It also plays a vital role in offering business solutions to customers, such as direct mail services, personalized stamps, and discounts. For the stamp collectors, Moldova Post has a philatelic shop on its website where customers can purchase a variety of stamps.

A track and trace feature is available to enable customers to perform independent tracking of their parcels. It prevents loss and damage of the package since it enhances the accountability of all deliveries.

How Moldova Post tracking works

The Moldova Post tracking feature is accessible on the company website where customers can conveniently retrieve the status of their packages instantly. At the point of dispatch, the shippers must ensure that each parcel has a tracking number by using a scan barcode machine. The tracking code is a unique number linked to the package, which enables efficient tracking. Local parcels have a 14-character number, while the international parcels comprise of 13 characters. The unique number integrates seamlessly into the system after a few days.

You can locate your parcel at any time, regardless of location. Enter the code on the track and trace page under online services on the site, and the information will display instantly. It is quite simple as long as you have a computer and a good Internet connection. With mobile technology in place, you can also use your smartphone to know the status of your shipment. The sender has to share the details of the tracking number since it appears on the payment receipts.

International Moldova Post Tracking Solution

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