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Major Express

Major Express is a Russian carrier specializing in the express shipment of mail and parcels across the globe. It now has offices in over 6,700 cities and towns across the territory of the Russian Federation and 43 express centers in Moscow. The company also possesses 500 own vehicles for the provision of courier services and shipment delivery. Every month the company’s motor vehicles conduct over 600 domestic delivery routes, while 3,000 booked flights per month guarantee timely and efficient delivery of international orders.

The company was founded in 2003 in Moscow and started its service by covering 750 Russian cities. Within only two years, its coverage expanded to over 1,900 cities and the delivery time constituted less than 2 business days. By 2007, Major Express was already present in 2,700 cities of the Russian Federation and accepted shipments to 220 countries. It now boasts one of the largest processing terminals in Russia covering the area of over 6,000m2.

Major Express Tracking

The administration of Major Express understands how important it is for the clients to have timely and accurate information about all items they ship to clients and partners or expect from them. Therefore, the company has introduced an efficient Major Express shipping tracking system allowing the monitoring of all shipments’ status in real time.

As soon as the item gets into the company’s system and is processed for delivery, it receives a unique postal tracking number that is internally referred to as the Major Express tracking number. This ID serves as the parcel’s unique identifier and is communicated to the client for tracking and receipt upon the order’s arrival at the point of destination. The status and location of any order can be checked by the client at the official website of the carrier at any moment.

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Once you receive the Major Express order number, you can track the shipment in real time hassle-free with the help of Our intuitive and user-friendly service makes the process of postal tracking very simple, requiring just a few easy steps from the users. After registering at our website, you will need only to select Major Express as the carrier with which you wish to check your shipment, and after that, you will be redirected to the page where the reference number may be entered for full package information.

Check and see for yourself that Major Express tracking service has never been simpler than that. We guarantee the latest and most accurate data about any shipment you are expecting from Major Express and are ready to provide you with full and reliable records of the shipment’s progression towards your destination.

International tracking has many advantages for the users as it gives them the comfort and assurance of their parcels’ intactness. compiles data from numerous carriers in one simple and understandable platform where you can check the status of all your orders just in one click. In such a way, you always know where your packages are and how soon to expect them at your local postal office.