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Magyar Posta is a leading postal corporation in Hungary offering mail delivery services. It began operations in 1867 intending to provide efficient transportation of correspondence and enhance privacy. Currently, it is one of the largest employers with more than 30,000 staff in 2700 office posts. It also has 350 mobile post offices and 3000 fleets of vehicles.

Its services include mailing letters and packages both locally and abroad. Apart from the transport and logistics services, Magyar Post also provides financial services. Local and international money transfer, currency exchange, bank accounts, insurance, personal loans, and investment portfolios are some of the banking services. It also plays a significant role in the marketing sphere, distributing and delivering Hungarian newspapers. Furthermore, the website has informative blog articles that create awareness to the public about the current events in the shipping industry.

Magyar Posta has an e-shop on its site where clients can purchase stamps, packaging materials, subscriptions, yearbooks, memoirs, among other interesting collections.

How Magyar Posta Tracking Works

Magyar Posta tracking feature is an efficient system that allows customers to retrieve the status of their parcels at any time. Magyar Posta tracking tool is available on the site where you have to create an account to use the services. It offers tracking options in Ukraine or the world, depending on the details of the shipment.

At the dispatch point, the shippers use a scanner to assign each parcel a unique tracking code known as Magyar Posta tracking number or id, with 13 characters. The domestic mail id has 16 characters. It is a significant number that aids customers to trace packages. The shipment id field can track up to 10 shipments at once. No matter where you are, you can check the location of your parcel. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet. With advances in technology, you can also use the tracking tool via your mobile phone.

The tracking number is on the payment receipts, and the sender must share this information with the recipient before shipping commences. It takes a few days before the tracking number assimilates into the system. Enter the code, click track, and the information displays instantly on your screen.

Tracking prevents theft and damage of parcels during transportation while fostering good relationships between retailers and online shoppers. The support system is multilingual, hence, convenient for users across the globe.

International Magyar Posta Tracking Solution

International tracking of shipments boosts e-commerce trades across the globe. Suppliers, retailers, and consumers operate in a vast web of merchandising. It is essential to track each consignment from the dispatch point to the delivery location without worrying about damages, loss, or theft of your goods. is the bridge that links the supply chain partners efficiently. Our platform allows customers to retrieve the real-time status of their packages. Strong partnerships with reliable postal corporations such as FedEx, USPS, and China Post, enhance smooth deliveries all over the world.

Register with by filling in a few personal details and access the tracking tools. Swift services, convenience, and accuracy characterize our innovative tracking solutions. Ensure that you have a good Internet connection and a technological device to enjoy a wholesome shipping experience.