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Russian Post

Established in 2002, Russia’s national postal operator ‘Почта России’ offers a wide range of services. In addition to letters, invoices and remittances, almost 300 million parcels are handled annually in 42,000 departments. Due to the modern services, you can track Russian Post packages, that is to know exactly about all the movements of the parcel at any stage of delivery.

Russian Post Tracking System

To check the parcel tracking is quite easy – you may do it online from your home computer or mobile phone, at Russian Post tracking site. At any time, you can track the package by tracking number, and also install a special application on your smartphone that helps learning about the shipment status. Specific Russian Post tracking code is assigned to each consignment right after delivery registration. From that moment you will be able to track the packet for free at all hours.
The use of present-day technologies not only improved the performance of the main Russian postal operator, but also increased customer confidence. Now, Russian Post suggests several convenient features.
* Tracking of online purchases
If you made an online acquisition, the tracking number no. will be seen on the order page. In case it’s a parcel from private individual, you can track it by the receipt number.
* Tracking of international packages
Russian Post international tracking of shipments is also available, which makes it much easier to shop in worldwide online stores; the package surely won’t be lost and will arrive without delays. It is worth noticing that tracking numbers of foreign parcels are different from those of Russian parcels, since they include Latin letters. Most of overseas tracking codes are recognized by Russian Post tracking service, thus, as a rule, there are no problems with shipment tracking. In the event of inability of tracking the mailing from abroad, it’s possible to check parcel tracking on the postal website of sender country. Transit routes through different countries are commonly used to transfer the order, so you can track your packet in each of them.
* Tracking changes of shipment location and status
Russian Post provides an opportunity to subscribe to changes of the consignment’s status and to receive email automatic notifications every time the parcel changes its location.
* Monetary compensation in case of shipment loss
If it happened so that you cannot track your mailing, then you can apply for parcel search any post office. The Russian Post tracking system is thought through to the smallest detail, it tracks both in Russia and abroad. It’s possible to apply within six months from the date of dispatch, you just have to present the receipt and identity document. The cases of loss of the parcel are extremely rare nowadays, but if occurred, you have the right to get financial compensation.
Contemporary service allows you to learn about package status at any time, so that assure you the parcel will come to a right destination. Applications, sites, alerts – all of it makes postal operations proper and fast.