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Sai Cheng Logistics provides innovative solutions in the e-commerce industry while boosting cross-border trades. It is a courier company based in China having secure establishments with Australia Post and China Post. Launched in 2005, it strives to offer quality logistics solutions in the shipping industry to both local and international clients.

The primary aim of this carrier is to improve international freight shipment by providing logistical solutions to businesses all over the world, such as integrating with postal corporations, global cloud warehousing, and innovative services that guarantee customers cost-effective and on-time deliveries. Cargo shipment is done by air and sea transport. Sai Cheng Logistics also offers cross-border storage and efficient delivery services.

How Sai Cheng Logistics tracking works

Online shoppers, suppliers, and retailers need assurance that they will receive their goods on time and in good condition. The tracking option enables customers to know the current status of their parcel at any time despite the location. It is accessible on the company website.

Before the shipment begins, the shipment handlers have to scan each parcel to allocate a unique identifier known as a tracking id. It comprises of 13 characters in digits and letters. The unique code is located on the payment receipt, and the sender must share the information with the recipient since it is a significant number during the tracking process.

You can track up to 30 packages in one session by entering one code per line. The details of the shipment take a few days to integrate with the system. When you enter the code, it automatically retrieves all the relevant information — departure date, delivery location, current status, customs clearance, and destination. In case there is a problem with your parcels like loss or damage, the system will notify you. Also, you can activate the auto-track feature to get notifications regularly.

International Sai Cheng Logistics Tracking Solution

The e-commerce industry is a global phenomenon that is changing the online marketplace. Most people are embracing online shopping due to convenience and a variety of brands. Thus, the independent tracking of consignments is a crucial aspect that drives the industry. Apart from the usual Sai Cheng tracking feature, you can also carry out international tracking via We are tracking company offering solutions to businesses across the globe using advanced technology. We aim to provide efficient services that allow consumers to automatically retrieve their consignments on a real-time basis by partnering with reliable courier companies all over the world.

As long as you have a computer and Internet connection, you can access our services by registering an account on the official site. The only essential details are your e-mail address and password to use the tracking tools. Stay close to your parcel by entering the tracking ID into the corresponding tab and wait for the results. We assure our clients instant and accurate feedback via practical tracking tools. Monitor your parcels with us and enjoy a fulfilling shipping experience.