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Shop Logistics

With the dynamics of today’s e-commerce industry, it is imperative for businesses to be at the forefront of technology by ensuring that their clients receive their merchandise in a perfect condition. Shop Logistics is a shipping company that connects online stores with their customers by offering postal and collecting services with accuracy and efficiency. It is a reliable courier company with a vast experience in the shipping industry with over 5,500 freight shipments a day. The company’s mission is to be the best courier partner for online stores by providing the best shipping solutions.

Apart from assisting sellers in fostering trust with their clients, Shop Logistics also offers postal service tracking. This feature helps clients to know their parcels’ status. It allows accuracy in service delivery and prevents cargo delays since the delivery date is indicated on the status. The company does not offer international tracking services since it operates majorly in Russia.

Shop Logistics Freight Tracking: How it works

When a parcel reaches the point of sale, they have to undergo a process of track order assignment. Each package is given a unique track order number which is also referred to as the Shop Logistics tracking number. You can register on company’s website and start tracking your shipment after receiving the parcel confirmation. Enter the parcel number on the special bar on the carrier’s official website and track your shipment with ease.

With Shop Logistics tracking, you do not have to worry about losing your consignment along the delivery route. The tracking feature keeps you in the loop during the entire shipping process.

International package tracking

The e-commerce industry is rapidly gaining momentum across the globe. With new trends emerging each year, technological advancements are also changing to suit the needs of the clients. Due to this, has emerged as a tracking company which offers solutions to clients all over the world. You can easily track your parcel wherever you are at any time as long as you have a good Internet connection. It is as simple as registering your details with us, and you can login at your convenience. is revolutionizing the shipping industry all over the world. With established partnerships with reputable courier companies such as Shop Logistics, you can track any package. We fully comprehend the value of accuracy and efficient freight delivery; that is why we are here to take your business to the next level by providing sustainable tracking solutions.