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  • 90+ days

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SPSR is a market leader in the shipping industry. It is a courier company based in Russia, providing transport and logistics solutions. Established in 2001, it aims to provide quality delivery services to Russian residents and across the globe. Currently, it has nine centers of distribution, 200 office branches, a fleet of 1,000 vehicles, and 4,000 employees. It has innovative technology and ultra-modern infrastructure to facilitate quick deliveries to meet the shipping needs of different clients.

Its services include mail, parcel, and cargo deliveries within Russia and abroad. One day delivery services for urgent packages is by land, rail, and air transport. Logistics solutions include freight transportation, packaging, delivering bank cards, customs clearance, marketing, and warehousing facilities. SPSR has an efficient tracking system in place to enable customers to y carry out independent tracking conveniently.

How SPSR Tracking Works

Tracking services meet the needs of clients by ensuring that they are part of the shipping process. It allows you to know the location of your package regardless of time and place. At the dispatch point, the shippers use a bar code scanner to assign each parcel a tracking code also known as an SPSR tracking number or id. It plays a vital role in ensuring the successful tracking of packages. Usually, the sender notifies the recipient details of shipping document which has the tracking code. Within a few days, the parcel data integrates into the system to enable efficient retrieval during tracking.

The track and trace feature is accessible on the company website. It can take a maximum of twenty tracking numbers separated by a comma in one tracking session. Activate the auto-track feature to get notifications whenever the status of your parcel changes.

Tracking is an effective method that enhances accountability in the supply chain industry. Most business owners uphold integrity by ensuring that each parcel arrives on the agreed shipping time-frame and in good condition. It also reduces the risks such as loss of packages, theft, and damaged goods in the transit process.

SPSR International Tracking

The rise of e-commerce platforms has made the world an economic hub with an increase in online shoppers across the globe. Efficient carrier companies enable business owners to expand their scope to reach more customers in different countries. Most people browse online in search of websites that offer tracking solutions from various courier companies. Look no further because Pkge.net will sort all your tracking inquiries. We are an international company offering tracking solutions with advanced technology to provide efficient results. Our services cover SPSR as well as other global postal corporations such as Australia Post, UK Mail, China Post, UPS, etc.

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