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Baikal Service

Baikal is a leading carrier company operating with advanced professionalism for more than 20 years. It focuses on cost optimization while ensuring efficiency in cargo management. Baikal has divisions in 150 cities, which ensures that clients receive high-quality and timely services.

Its services include document deliveries, express window, online stores deliveries, cargo tracking, insurance, as well as other logistical solutions.

How Baikal Service online tracking works

Online tracking is an efficient way of learning the current status and location of your parcel. Baikal offers tracking services on its website, but you need to have a shipping number to trace your package.

Before the delivery procedure commences, the handlers ensure that each parcel undergoes a scan which assigns them a unique identifier known as the Baikal tracking number. It is a vital code during the tracking process since without it, you can’t retrieve any information about your parcel.

The payment receipt has a Baikal tracking code. So, before you consent to the shipping, demand the package’s tracking number.

Advantages of Baikal

  • It has affordable price rates and tariffs.
  • It offers timely service deliveries.
  • It possesses a vast experience in the shipping industry.
  • It customizes services to unique transport needs of clients.

Baikal shipping tracking solutions

International tracking is vital to clients all over the world since it fosters strong relationships in the supply chain industry. is one of the most trusted partners providing reliable tracking solutions. It does not matter where you are, as long as you have the Internet connection, you are good to go. Open an account on our website and start accessing the tracking tools. Apart from convenience of use when tracking multiple packages sent via different carriers, our up-to-date system retrieves accurate information in real time. So, if you want to know the exact location of your parcel and the delivery date, use, your number one reliable tracking partner.