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BPost: Enjoy the Best Shipping and Tracking Services

BPost Tracking Services

If you are looking for a shipping and tracking partner who can assist you to reach out to your customers safely and promptly, then look no further. Why? Because we are your best suitor in all shipping and tracking matters. We are here to help you to experience the best tracking and postal services locally and internationally. Our tried and trusted services are punctuated by competitive prices tailored to catapult businesses to new levels. Our customer-pleasing rates ensure you connect with your customers promptly.
Additionally, we enable you to do more than just sending parcels. We also enable you to monitor your shipment using our BPost online tracking. Consequently, you enjoy peace of mind knowing your parcels are safe. Also, your customers rest assured that their orders are safe and will arrive on time because our BPost package services take care of all that.

But how do you do all this? In a very simple and easy way! You just need to log on to our website and monitor your parcels. Here, you get all the necessary information to track your cargo. Just make sure you have a secure Internet connection and a computer.

How Our BPost Parcel Tracking Service Works

So, how does one enjoy all these BPost tracking service? Just read on below to see how you can do this easily in three simple ways.
* Using a BPost tracking number
First, you can enjoy our tracking services using tracking numbers found on your receipts or packages. These special numbers have 16 digits or 13 figures plus three letters. You will need to key in the tracking number to ensure its format is correct. With your BPost tracking code at work, you can know your parcel’s current location and status. If you have several packages, you can repeat the keying process to track them. Also, it enables you to know important information about your packages such as delivery and receipt dates as well as package signees.
Moreover, it is beneficial to know that the parcel sender alone can access the tracking number. This is because we don’t record parcel-tracking numbers.
* Delivery card numbers
Second, you can track your cargo using a delivery card number. This number is a notification we send you by email and it comprises 15 numericals. You can select this option from our BPost tracking website. You just need to log in our site and then select the ‘delivery notice card number’ option. Lastly, key in the number and hit “enter.”
* Using a reference number
Finally, you can use a reference number to track your parcel. With this option, the sender of your parcel sends you this number and the cargo’s shipping date. Moreover, you can access it using a process like the one for card numbers.
Up to here, we hope that you have learnt what you need to know about our BPost track package services. The choice is in your power to sign up and enjoy the benefits.