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Austrian Post is the national provider of postal services in Austria created in 1999 as a result of its split from the state-owned telecommunications giant Post und Telekom Austria. It currently provides a broad range of services for individuals and businesses alike, covering both domestic and international shipment and logistics solutions. To date, its clients can send and receive letter mail, parcels, use the Express Mail Service (EMS), make subscriptions for newspapers and magazines, and enjoy a broad range of logistics offers.

In addition, Austrian Post acts as a renowned marketing provider in the country, offering comprehensive solutions to businesses by helping expand their client base, improve their marketing efforts for specific target audiences, implementing cross-media advertising solutions, and address the potential clients more accurately. The clients of Austrian Post often turn to it for traditional advertising campaigns via leaflets or direct mailing, as well as target group analysis and new customer acquisition. To help its partners achieve this aim, the carrier provides comprehensive service packages ranging from mailroom management to response management, preparation of merchandise for shipping, printing, and production.

How Austrian Post Tracking Works

Austrian Post is a modern postal carrier trying to keep pace with the latest industry trends and the demands of users. Thus, it offers a timely and concise delivery tracking system via its official website. The system works in such a way that every new parcel getting into the system gets a unique Austrian Post tracking number assigned to it. Once the parcel gets into the processing system, the identifier becomes its label by which all participants of the process (the sender, the recipient, and the postal carrier) can identify its status and location at any moment. To make use of the carrier’s internal track and trace option, the clients of Austrian Post need to visit the company’s official website, go to the “Tracking” page and insert the Austrian Post tracking code into the corresponding tab. The tracking process will take just a couple of seconds, with the system displaying all the relevant information about your parcel’s status, estimated delivery time, and all the related data about its delivery.

Austrian Post Shipping Tracking with

While tracking parcels shipped via Austrian Post is easy and quick, the world of e-shopping and e-commerce creates unfavorable conditions for the users to track their shipments on the carriers’ official websites. As people have started to do the shopping in dozens of e-stores globally, they may have several shipments underway at any point in time, which means logging in to several websites or downloading several apps to the smartphone. It’s mostly time-consuming and cumbersome, so users who do much shopping online and have their shipments passed via a variety of carriers are looking for an all-in-one solution for timely and comprehensive updates on all their shipments at once. This is what may guarantee. After a quick registration, you may store all your shipment IDs in one account and get real-time status updates for all of them, regardless of the carrier handling the delivery process collaborates with dozens of shippers including Austrian Post, DHL, China Post, FedEx, and many more, so you get a comprehensive tracking solution here for all your parcels.