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Correos de Mexico

Online trade and e-commerce are gaining traction today, so people across the globe enjoy the possibilities of buying anything they want from another continent and having it shipped right to their doorstep. However, not all postal carriers are equally developed and innovative, and in some countries, postal deliveries are still handled by state-owned entities with little freedom for commercial development. This is true for the Mexican shipping sector where the primary actor in the market of cargo shipping is still Correos de Mexico – the national postal service of Mexico.

Correos de Mexico has a long history of existence; formerly titled as Servicio Postal Mexicano, it has been in operation since 1580. Obviously, much has changed in the organization of shipments since the distant 16th century, and today Correos de Mexico is a modern postal service providing efficient delivery and handling of domestic and international shipments across Mexico. The service was government-operated until 1986 when reorganization took place and gave the postal service autonomy. It underwent major rebranding in 2008 and acquired its current name and new image. The organization is currently directed at innovation, improvement of operations, automation, and performance improvement to deliver high-quality service to individuals and businesses.

Correos de Mexico tracking

Despite the fact that many users (especially expatriates, tourists, or recent immigrants to Mexico unaccustomed to the ways things are done here) blame Correos de Mexico for slowness and imprecision, the postal service still renders an accurate Correos de Mexico tracking service. As any other postal carrier, this service assigns a unique Correos de Mexico tracking package number to each item it handles so that both the sender and the recipient have a chance to conduct real-time tracking of the parcel. Knowing this Correos de Mexico tracking id, anyone can search for it online and find out the package’s current location, the estimated delivery date and time, and the number of points that it has already covered on its way to the owner.

Availability of Correos de Mexico shipping tracking is very convenient for users who are worried about the safety of their belongings and fear that the parcel may be stolen on its way or misdelivered to another address. Thus, it is recommended to conduct daily tracking with the service to see whether the status is regularly updated, and the parcel indeed progresses along its route.

Check the Correos de Mexico shipping number with

Knowing your individual Correos de Mexico tracking code, you can always receive timely and updated information about your parcel’s status. However, most clients order merchandise in several places and wish to have a more convenient tracking option. is ideally suited to this purpose because it is a single, unified resource for tracking all shipments online. Here you can conduct not only Correos de Mexico tracking, but also monitoring of packages delivered via Aliexpress Standard Shipping, S.F. Express, TopDelivery, and dozens of others. All you need is provide some basic identifying information during registration, and after that, you are welcome to check all tracking IDs in one resource in real time.