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SF Express

The company was established in 1993 in the Chinese city of Shunde. Now SF Express is a large international postal service specializing in express delivery of mailings to anywhere in the world. It’s not just a service that successfully operates in many countries and has a wide network of sending and delivering mail – the company strives to use all accessible latest technologies, to maximize the automation level and to improve the quality of services provided. That’s why SF Express parcel tracking is so convenient and fast.

How to Track SF Express Package

For 24 years of operation, the postal service has opened 10.5 million branches in China and 260 departments in other countries.
By continuously exploring new markets and opportunities to improve its own service, SF Express developed one of the best technologies for tracking shipments. Quality and fast SF Express tracking is now available to everyone – all you need is just to know the SF Express tracking number. The SF Express website has easy navigation, and you can use SF Express tracking in other countries through a special service for postal items tracking by different carriers. It is important to take into account that there are few such sites, since SF Express numbers don’t have the international format, therefore not all sites can perform successful SF Express tracking.

SF Express Delivery and SF eParcel

The company cooperates with a great number of online stores, including such trading floor as AliExpress. On this platform, SF Express shipping is called SF eParcel and is very popular among customers. Tracking of SF eParcel starts from the moment of sending and ends when the receiving of SF parcel is confirmed. According to numerous customer reviews, SF Express tracking of postal items is always fast and accurate. Usually, this service is used by sellers to send small goods, while the delivery lasts about a month and a half.

SF Express International Tracking

The ability to use SF Express parcel tracking is now also available for the non-English users. Another advantage lies in that, unlike many other services, SF Express tracking occurs not only in the territory of the sending country, but also in the recipient one. That is, when ordering goods from China to another country, you also can obtain detailed information about tracking at each stage of delivery.
For years of successful operation in the world market SF Express managed to earn a reputation of a truly reliable postal service.