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ELTA Hellenic Post is a group of companies that provides modern high-quality postal and letter services in Greece. The group prides itself in being a leading service provider that blends affordability with quality for its customers inside and outside Greece. The group was founded in 1828, almost coinciding with the foundation of the modern Greek state following a presidential decree. The government of Greece holds the majority shares in it, up to 90% while other stakeholders hold the remaining 10%.

It offers personal and business services in postal matters, financial services, retail products, courier services, and bancassurance products. Moreover, ELTA Hellenic Post focuses on customer satisfaction as a way of fulfilling its mission to the public. It does so by seeking to understand and meet their dynamic needs, promoting innovation, developing new products and services, and enriching its existing services. It also seeks to fortify its long-term tradition of trust with its current customers.

ELTA Hellenic Post Tracking

The rise of technology has redefined how people and companies send and receive parcels. Formerly, it was a wait-and-see kind of situation where the recipient and sender had to wait until the parcel arrived. Then, it was not possible to know about your parcel’s status because Greece post tracking was not available. However, the advent and advancement of ELTA Hellenic Post tracking have made it easier and safer for individuals and businesses to track their packages.

This tracking ability has balanced the equation since the advancement of information technology has also opened international borders for free trade. Therefore, you no longer need to call the carrier or sender to know the status of your parcel. Instead, you can do all your tracking online using a simple ELTA Hellenic Post tracking number. You will receive a special tracking number for your package by either contacting the sender directly or on the website of your sender.

Moreover, you can trace your incoming parcel using Pkge.net. Depending on whether you are tracking an international or local shipment, you will need to key in the special code. For instance, if you are expecting an international parcel, you will key in a mix of thirteen figures and letters. But if it’s local, the code will comprise letters only.

So, how do you track your parcel? You only need to type your parcel’s ID in a special form on our website. Afterwards, you will give the system a few seconds to use that code in searching, defining, and tracking your order immediately. With these simple steps, your Greece post tracking process will be complete. Afterwards, you will only need to relax and wait for your package to arrive safely and on time.

So, why should you continue having sleepless nights about your parcels when you can track them efficiently and safely? We invite you to try tracking your orders using the international tracking solutions of Pkge.net. Be it USPS, FedEx, UPS, or Greece Post, they are efficient and easy to use by any layman in town. Join thousands of other happy recipients today.