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UPS is one of the leading courier corporations. The company ships to almost all the countries on earth. Moreover, its shipping and delivery processes are accessible to those who follow the procedures. Here, you will learn more about its various shipping and tracking solutions. You will also understand how can assist you in tracking your parcels from UPS and other leading companies such as USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, China Post, EMS, UK Mail, and AliExpress Shipping. Read on to discover how can help you track your parcel.

How to Track a UPS Package

To conduct this tracing process, you should log on to the UPS website. There, you will enter your tracking or InfoNotice number in the tracking window found on the screen’s left side. From there, you will select “track” and get redirection to a page that offers all the tracking information. On the Tracking Details page, you add text message alerts by choosing the Request Status Updates. UPS mail tracking is simple.

Can You Track A Package Without a Tracking Number UPS?

Yes, you can conduct UPS tracking without a tracking number. If you want to do so, you ought to visit the company’s website and register for a UPS MY Choice account. This account provides you with a dashboard and tools for locating your parcel. If you want to trace without a UPS tracking number, you will have to register for its Informed Delivery service on its site and use its dashboard to use the ‘track any package’ service.

Can You Track a UPS Package By Address?

Definitely, you can use your address to track your UPS package instead of conducting UPS tracking by tracking number. You may track your items using the company’s “Track by Reference” feature on the company’s website to track your incoming package.

What is UPS Shipment ID?

A UPS shipment ID is a unique number identifying an air freight shipment. UPS assigns this number to all its shipments, and users can utilize it to monitor their orders as they move through the shipping process to their desired destinations.

How to Find a UPS Account Number

We have different ways of finding your UPS account number, and we have listed them below as follows:

  • Dialing the UPS number at 1 (800) 742-5877
  • You can also locate in on your hard copy invoice or electronically for those signed up for UPS Billing Center
  • Using the tracking number of packages that were sent using your UPS account

Tracking Statuses

Below are some of the UPS package statuses and their meanings.



Arrival Scan

Cargo has reached a UPS center

At Local Post Office

The USPS has received packages pending their handing over to UPS for sending back to initial senders

Clearance Completed

The clearing process has ended

Clearance in Progress

The clearance process is going on


The cargo has arrived at its designated destination and the arrival time and date noted down by the delivering UPS center

Departure Scan

The shipped items have left one UPS center and are heading to another one as they head to their final destination

Destination Scan

The cargo has reached the last UPS center that will finally deliver it to its address

Exception: Action Required

The package is within the UPS network but lacks sufficient information necessary for delivering to the final destination. Therefore, the sender needs to provide it to facilitate a smooth delivery of the package to its desired recipient

Export Scan

The cargo has completed all the export procedures in the country of origin

Import Scan

The cargo has undergone all the export requirements in the destination nation

In Transit

The sender has processed the package, and UPS is shipping it to its desired destination

Order Processed: In Transit to UPS

The sender has processed the order, and it’s on the way to the next UPS station

Order Processed: Ready for UPS

UPS has gotten an electronic alert with the shipping and billing information from the sender. The courier will update the tracking status once the order arrives in its network

Origin Scan

The parcel has arrived at UPS

Returned to Sender

The shipped items returned to the sender

Returning to Sender

UPS is returning the shipment to sender after failing to deliver to a designated address after making two to three delivery attempts on a weekday

On Vehicle for Delivery

The cargo arrived a local UPS facility and it has assigned it to a driver to drop it to its desired address

Shipment Information Voided

That information is null and void

Transferred to Local Post Office for Delivery

The sender has requested UPS to give the parcel to the USPS to deliver their package to the recipient. The sender will need to give the UPS one or two extra days to deliver the package because it will pass on the final delivery into the hands of another company over which it has no control

How Long Does UPS Ground Take?

The UPS Ground service delivers during all weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.( or at times) later to different addresses. UPS can’t schedule these deliveries to arrive at a specific time of the day.

What Time Does UPS Deliver?

All deliveries happen during the regular working hours between 9 AM and 7 PM or, at times, later. However, air deliveries can be scheduled to arrive at specific hours of the day.

How to Find UPS Lost Packages or Missing Mail

If packages don’t arrive 24 hours after the expected date and time, a recipient or sender can report the matter to UPS. Afterward, the tracking process begins to establish the package’s status. If the search confirms that the item is lost, the sender can lodge a claim.

How to Send a UPS Package

To dispatch anything using UPS, you should follow the following simple process:

  1. Find out if UPS ships to your desired destination
  2. Ensure that UPS ships the type contents you intend to send
  3. Choose the local or international delivery service that suits your needs best
  4. Consider insurance needs especially if you are shipping internationally
  5. Get your UPS supplies to pack your items
  6. Address your shipment with a label carefully. When addressing your package, use CAPS only for better legibility. Also, use less than five lines to address your parcel. You will need to include your recipient’s name, street name, town or metropolis, major subdivision such as a state, province, or country. Remember to include your return address just in case cargo fail to arrive at its desired address
  7. Next, you have to prepare your shipment. You should include the following details at the top right corner of your cargo:
    1. The index to be recharged
    2. The desired shipping service
    3. Your package contents if the shipment contains over 16 ounces
    4. Attach return address to your parcel’s top left corner
    5. Place your recipient’s address in the middle of your parcel. For items requiring a custom form, you ought to attach it to the bottom left of your package’s corner
    6. Dispatch the parcel by placing it on your outgoing mail or taking the package to the UPS Mail service before 3 PM
  8. Check your UPS shipping charges
  9. Perform your ups shipping tracking

UPS Contacts

Users can contact UPS using various means. For instance, you can call using this number here: 1-800-742-5877. Also, you can reach the company via email. However, you will need to get the local UPS contact if you are pursuing an issue with your local office. So, it’s beneficial to check your national contact details by visiting the UPS website and finding the contact details specifically for your location.