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Itella: key services and tracking

Itella is the part of the Posti Group Corporation. Posti is a Finish corporation with a long postal history which dates back to 1638. Today Itella serves only the Russian segment of the industry and provides a full range of logistics services, including storage and cargo transportation. Itella team has around 2,000 employees. Company’s offices are present in all the big cities of the Russian Federation including Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Vladivostok. Itella has storehouses with total area of 250,000 m².

Itella is not just a postal courier company. It also provides a full set of logistics services. This company can offer pre-sales preparation, storage of your goods, eCommerce logistics or customs clearance.

Itella strong and weak points

Itella is a reputable carrier with a long history. We have thoroughly selected its most important strengths and weaknesses. The advantages are:

  • flexible, customized services;
  • good courier partners;
  • the company has various logistics solutions for different industries;
  • affordable prices.

Some of the crucial disadvantages include:

  • delays in the shipment (it is mostly applied to international shipments for long distances);
  • poor customer service. There is a sufficient number of negative reviews about Itella customer support;
  • incorrect information about shipment status on the official website. For example, sometimes the Itella packages were not delivered, but the status was changed to ‘delivered’;
  • delivery to the wrong destination. It is not a common situation yet the possible one;
  • unavailability of a special application for mobile devices.

How to track Itella package

Itella users can track their Itella package only if they have Itella tracking number. Normally you will get it when shipment registration is done. In case you are buying something and want to track this shipment, you need to request Itella tracking code from the seller. When you get Itella number, you can track your parcel on company website tracking page. The tracking can be done with the order, cargo or cargo package numbers.

Another option to track your Itella parcel is to go to This service allows tracking packages that are shipped by various carriers. After proceeding the registration process, you get access to tracking of all your packages in one place. Find out the corresponding carrier and insert your tracking ID. Lots of users had faced the difficulties when their tracking codes were not recognized anywhere else but at