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Romanian Post or CN Poșta Română is Romania’s official national postal services provider. It supplies the country with universal mail and parcel services. It performs its duties in a liberalized commercial environment of additional postal and press services. It also engages in external commerce, supplies, research, technology, and information design. Moreover, it participates in health-related and educational activities that are close to the nation’s heart.

Its history dates back to the medieval days. The then government established it to move sovereign directives within their jurisdictions. Then, they used horse backs to propagate messages to far and near rural and urban areas. Initially, this service was used to transport travelers and official mail of high-ranking government officials. But in mid-19th century, the then regime transformed all urban centers offering government services and postal centers into post offices. Then, we had only 30 postal routes serving Romania. Two years later, the government structured the services to include individual citizens.

As time advanced, Romanian Post evolved into a vibrant and modern entity that has forged partnerships with the outside world at various levels. For example, in 2004, it organized and hosted the 23rd UPU (Universal Postal Union) Congress. This convention sets policies and strategies for the worldwide postal activities to enable postal corporations to align with the dynamic nature of our generation for effective competition.

Moreover, its participation in this world Body’s activities can’t be overlooked. For instance, it was elected to chair its Administrative Council from 2004 to 2008. This chairmanship enabled it to contribute to the world Body’s decisions regarding the future of postal services worldwide. Also, the corporation is active in continental postal matters.

Romanian Post Tracking

Receiving parcels from Romania needs tracking to update you on your parcel’s status. This need arises the most especially if you are expecting high-value or priority items. But how can you be sure of your package’s status? It is possible to do so using different Romanian Post Tracking options available. To do so, you will need a special code that accompanies your package. This code includes 13 digits if the parcel is local and a mix of 13 letters and figures if it’s sent internationally. You will then head to the postal corporation’s website and enter its tracking side. With this code, you can track your item’s ware about and rest assured as you wait for its arrival at your designated post office.

You can also track your parcel using third-party websites that perform Romanian Post Tracking. For example, you can use to get assurance about your cargo’s status. While on our website, you will type your tracking number into a special window. Afterward, you will give the system a few seconds to perform the search and display it. The process is that easy.

So, you don’t need to worry about your items’ status when you can use to track them. We welcome you to try it today and enjoy the difference when tracing parcels shipped by hundreds of carriers, ranging from UK Mail to Australia Post.