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Uzbekistan Post is a leading postal corporation owned by the government providing postal services to the residents of Uzbekistan. It handles receiving and delivering of postal items locally and internationally. The primary aim of the corporation is to provide quality services with an efficient system that ensures seamless delivery services. Currently, it has 2986 postal offices and 14 regional divisions. Parcel deliveries are by land and air - 2 railway routes, 34 air routes, and 436 vehicle routes.

Its primary services are mail deliveries such as letters, postcards, and parcels. Additional services include selling postage stamps, philately, warehousing, and packaging. It also offers contractual services such as payment services for utilities, magazine and newspaper subscription, selling of reading materials, and other consumer goods. The tracking feature and the stamp catalog are under interactive services.

The tracking tool is an efficient way of preventing parcel loss, theft, or damages during the shipping process since it encourages the safe handling of packages.

How Uzbekistan Post works

Uzbekistan post tracking system is accessible on the company website where customers can conveniently track their parcels with ease under the ‘Interactive services page.’ It is a simple way to monitor your package since all you need is a computer or laptop and Internet access.

Before the shipping process commences, each parcel must have a unique identifier known as a tracking number or id. It is crucial in the tracking process since the number automatically retrieves the status of your parcel. Usually, it takes a few days for the parcel number to integrate seamlessly into the system such that when the recipient enters the code, the details automatically appear on the screen. The sender must inform the recipient of the parcel information immediately after payment since the tracking id is on the receipt.

Parcel monitoring is a convenient way of staying close with your shipment to know the package status at each shipping process. Details such as loss, damages, or reroute are on the tracking details.

International Uzbekistan Post Tracking Solution

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