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One World Express

This company was started on the idea of becoming a border express carrier based in the UK. It’s beginnings in 1998 led them down a road of success in the world of delivery. Later this company became global logistics and IT solution providers. The technology of this company allows its clients to ship everything from one place with some of the best logistics solutions out there. And a highly active, highly committed and innovative team that is more than happy to transform any business into its full running potential.

Shipping options at One World Express package

When it comes to available shipping, One World Express makes it easy with several options to choose from to save your time and money. The company has five carriers depending on the weight of your packages. One World Express understands that people need a company that provides only the best and most convenient options for every business. You can choose what size, your preferred means of transport, and preferred methods of collection. Everything from shipping, labelling to billing can be done here with One World Express. It is no doubt a good advantage of this company.

One World Express tracking

When it comes to important shipments, there are specific measures of security that can help you not to worry. Tracking is nothing new and works with a unique barcode that is given to each package. This barcode is, in turn, scanned along every stop in the journey to give you the location information no matter where in the world your package is. Your One World Express tracking number is given to you after order confirmation and can be easily used from the homepage. Click the ‘track your shipment’ at the top of the page and get the most accurate and up to date information dealing with your package no matter if it is on the ground, in the air, or out in the sea.

One World Express international tracking and

When it comes to tracking packages that are being shipped internationally, One World Express can do that too, all in the same convenient way as domestic tracking. But some destinations are out of reach. This is where comes in. is one of the top tracking services partnered up with significant names in the shipping business. With all of the most accurate and up to date location information can be found all in one place. Create an account and enter your One World Express order number on the main page of the site. You will then be able to track your package along the way from take-off to final signature from your home page. With, you can always rest assured that your package is safe and sound and will be delivered right on time.