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The Ukrainian Post is the state postal service, which has been functioning independently since 1994. For the Ukrainians, the main advantage of Ukrposhta over private courier services is an extensive network of branches – Ukrposhta will deliver a parcel from any online store to the most remote corners of the country, while the cost of services is much lower than that of competitors. Nowadays, the Post of Ukraine has 12,000 departments both in large cities and in rural areas. The number of employees is also impressive – the company employs more than 73,000 people. The postal service keeps up with the times: it introduced a possibility for their customers to track a package by Ukrposhta tracking number. Annually, the Post of Ukraine transfers more than 15.4 million parcels, most of which are orders from online stores.

Ukrposhta Online Tracking

The Post of Ukraine provides high-end services in the field of postal transport, and the ability to track Ukrposhta package ensures that the order won’t be lost when transporting and will be shipped on time. In order to use Ukrposhta tracking service, it’s necessary to pass a simple registration procedure on the official website. To do this, you need to come up with username and password, it’s also possible to register by synchronizing with your social networks accounts. Tracking of Ukrposhta parcels is carried out by tracking numbers. These are particular codes – combinations of letters and figures – given to every postal item. Ukrposhta tracking number must be entered in a special window, after which the system will automatically track the Ukrposhta packet by id. A registered user gets access to next additional helpful services:
* Online tracking of several packages
This possibility helps user to simultaneously track few parcels and to save all the tracking numbers. Therefore, the parcel can be tracked in just a couple of clicks, without having to re-enter the Ukrposhta tracking number every time.
* Setting up automatic alerts
This way you can learn about changes in your order’s status simply by viewing your email. Ukrposhta may track the package at any time convenient for you, since its system continuously monitors the process of shipping. Moreover, you can use mobile version of the main site on your smartphone, if you have no regular access to PC.

Ukrposhta International Tracking

Ukrposhta permits you to track the parcel with the help of modern website with a user-friendly interface and the ability to get information in Ukrainian, English and Russian. Ukrposhta guarantees the security of all postal items. This is especially important for users who shop in international online stores, so Ukrposhta tracking system performs as convenient as possible for the customers. If you have any questions or problems with tracking your parcel, you can always contact a specialist on the website or by calling the hotline. Ukrposhta online tracking is available for everyone, so there’s no need to worry about your package’s location.